Thursday, December 2, 2010


As you all may recall I have in the past bragged about my internal I-POD.

I have about 60 gig of music in my internal wet ware and I have a feature none of your lowly i-Pods do, a relevance generator. My shuffle function will often pull up and play music to match what I am currently doing/seeing.

So  last night I was cooking supper and as I was putting potato peels down the garbage disposal my relevance generator loaded "Water Flowing Underground" into my internal i-Pod from a group I had almost totally forgotten about! The Talking Heads.

Oh man I forgot how AWESOME they were too! Ya gotta check this one out! (Anybody else remember this one?)

As I watch this I NOW remember going to dances and imitating several of these moves (because *I* thought they were so awesome!!!!????)

Suddenly I realize why in spite of looking like this <--- I was still sooooo desperately lonely as a teenager! I mean, seriously,  what hot teenage girl could possibly resist that Egyptian walk thing (55 seconds in) or that Spaz thing (1:11) on the dance floor! LOL!

The fact that my Dungeons and Dragons group often had these guys going in the background while we were playing should have been a major clue!

In fact my D & D group actually adopted that "Chopping your wrist" motion seen in the video as our official greeting/handshake. "Same as it ever was" with a shoulder shrug became our equivalent of "Que sera sera"
("WTH? Your troll defeated my Kobold dwarf?
"Same as it ever was!" )

It is still mind bogglingly awesome though. These guy are nerd hero's. In spite of being completely and OBVIOUSLY nerds, they still rose through the ranks of all the cool people and were big time rock stars getting their money for nothing on the M T Veeeeeeee.

This makes them no ordinary nerds. Oh no, they are clearly SUPER nerds! Since nerds love to abbreviate (or acronym) everything this makes them SNERDS.


In order to fully appreciate their full Snerdy awesomeness,  while you are on youtube be sure to listen to "And She Was" and "Stay up Late" and Burning Down the House. Of course "take me to the river" was the one that put them on the map. If you have had a baby or love any baby, I DARE you to listen to "Stay up late" without a goofy grin on your face! :) ("looking so cute, in his little red suit!" )

I am going to find a Talking Heads "Greatest hits" album so I can get some decent fidelity and relive my lonely, awkward and horrible teen years again in full stereo!


jinksto said...

Three posts in a row that have caused me to comment. I'm not commenting tomorrow.

A friend and I were chatting about nerd blogs last night. Interestingly, yours came up. we both read yours. One of the comments was that, "yeah, he writes good stuff but it's not as 'nerdy' as the blog name implies".

With this post you've established your nerd-cred for the next few months. Well done.

I find it vastly funny that you think the fact that your D&D group frequently had these guys playing was testament to their (and your) nerdness but seem to blaze past the statement that your even HAVING a D&D group makes.

Great post. Thanks for sharing.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

No woman could resist the Egyptian walk - it's our one true weakness.

That and cheese.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@Jinksto - I can't just make a reply to your comment this time; your comment and my reply is going to become a post! :)

@Megan - At first I could not reconcile your comment with my perpetually virginal teen years, then it hit me, maybe women can't resist the egyptian walk but high school girls clearly can! lol!

Thanks for stopping by!

House of Jules said...

SNERDS! I love it. Talking Heads is one of my all-time fave groups. If you haven't seen "Stop Making Sense", you need to get on that, STAT.

WillAtHome said...

Welcome back to the nerdy posts. I love this because I also have an internal iPod. Unfortunately, mine is on the fritz and really dumb songs tend to get stuck in my head. Now it'll be Talking Heads.

tammy said...

SNERDS! - Perfect.

I'll have Burning Down the House going through my head all day now.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@HOJ - 1) So glad to see you in my comment box again Ms. Piven!

2) I am on it!

@Willathome - Speaking of nerdy, at one time my favorite TV show was "Lost in Space" (Oooo, post idea!) To this day I can not see the word Will without Robinson just naturally falling in to place behind it. Then of course those magic words pop into my head. "DANGER WILL ROBINSON - DANGER!"

@Tammy - Pfft, it's Monday and I been singing it since I made the post Thursday!

"Cool babies!
I'm strange but not a stranger! "

Did'ja watch the video? That little kid shaking his ass cracked me up!