Monday, December 13, 2010

Nerd Music

I posted both of these separately years ago. I checked them out again yesterday and they are simply so nerdariffic (and even geektastic) that they are certainly worthy of a repost!

You might want to double click them so they detach, blogspot and youtube are both owned by Google but for some reason blogspot cuts off the right edge of youtube videos! :(

Weird Al - White and Nerdy

I LOVE the cameos' by Donny Osmond and Seth Green both smacking their ass'.

The lady getting the "gift" on the couch is Judy Tenuta. I don't know why her career fizzled out so soon,  I really thought she was great. (You can't get a body like mine in a bottle...unless you push REAL hard!)

Ironically I just bought Erika a power strip this weekend! Eeeep! :(


1) Nerds don't use pocket protectors anymore because we do not use those ancient writing stick things anymore. So there is nothing to protect our pocket from. Now you keep your smart phone in that pocket. ;)

2) Nerds DO NOT shop at The Gap! {Gasp} Oh the blasphemy of it all! The Gap is for people who worry more about how things look than how they perform!

Next up...

It's good to be a geek!

This one has a great tune to boot.

"A 13th level halfling fighter thief" Oh yeah man, that's the good stuff!


Steve Jobs is NOT a geek! Steve Wozniak was the geek responsible for the Mac. Jobs was the pretty boy front man who gets the credit for all the real geek's labors. I am no Bill Gates fan but at least he can code.

Steve Jobs is the kind of guy that shops at "The Gap" :)

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tammy said...

I love the White and Nerdy video. I know a few people who fit that description.