Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Boy and his Hamsters

As a child I used to have a bunch of hamsters. I had the hamster habitat thing with plastic tubes that would connect hamster cages together and you could build hamster runs around your desk or what not. Of course hamsters would have little hamsters and I would trade, sell or give away the baby hamsters.

Then one sad day my fun with hamsters ended. Hamsters being rodents NEED to gnaw on things to keep their tooth growth in check and one day I put some pencils in the cages figuring the wood would be a great gnawing medium. However, I did not think it through and it turned out the the graphite core in the pencils killed all my hamsters. I was a little traumatized to come home from first grade to find I had inadvertently killed all my little buddies. Little furry bodies were strewn everywhere. Oh the horror!

So on a different track... If you watch TV at all surely you have seen this commercial since it plays incessantly. Talk about your mass media buy eh?

Anyway I find it deeply disturbing. You see, until this commercial I never knew hamsters were black. I am sure we are all at least a little shocked to discover this.

However for me this discovery has been a little sick making! After all these years and now I find out I was a slave owner. OH MY GOD! Then to make it even worse I had my own little concentration camps going. Instead of "showers" though I gave them graphite "chew toys" and commited genocide on all my little slaves!

Excuse me, suddenly I feel sick!

The only bright spot to this whole sick sad story is that unlike SO many slave owners at least I did not impregnate any of my slaves. Thank god for small favors!


tammy said...

Ha ha ha!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how traumatic! I've had hamsters and rats, and it's so sad when they die. But to be inadvertently responsible, oh the horror!

I love that commercial!

Maria in Oregon

Uncle Baruch said...

Dude, you are so bookmarked it ain't even funny...

May you write, and write, and write....