Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone

I hope everyone is having as good a Christmas as I am.

We are going VERY nontraditional this year year...

Last night we BBQ'd Fajitas 's with all the fixins Then watched "The Great Escape" (8.3/10 on Imdb). My son has NEVER seen it. In fact, he had never seen a Steve McQueen movie! (yes, I am a failure as a father) so I DVR'd it during the day when he was at work and we watched after dinner. He LOVED it (as I knew he would).

So, this was a baptismal of sorts as he was metaphorically dipped in the pool of testosterone that oozes from any Steve McQueen flick.  Not to mention the flow from James Garner, Charles Bronson , James Coburn and a mellower but still very manly flow from a young Sir Richard Attenborough. The combination makes quite the brew.

You could make candles from all that testosterone! (hey, there is a marketing idea!)

Today we are going to be a little more traditional, well except we are having BBQ'd ribs, our movie fare will be more normal. I LOVE the movie "A Christmas Carol". It is DVR'ing now and we will watch it in a bit. Once again I will be lifted by the very mean old man's transformation to just almost crazy with joy and love and giving on Christmas morn. (each act of unkindness forges a link in the chain you must bear in the afterlife. Your chain is truly ponderous Ebeneezer Scrooge) Yes, it's sappy and formulaic and I know how it will end and I still love it. Love, love, love it. It makes me happy every time I watch it - which is every single Christmas Day

I love what Christmas means, condensed down to its purest form it means love and happiness! Those are universal, so to all the folks out there all around the world reading this (according to my hit map), regardless of your religion or no religion at all please understand that when someone wishes you a merry Christmas they are wishing you love and happiness.

So Merry Christmas Everyone!!


Chandan said...

I am not a catholic but for me Christmas and Santa mean, celebrating life, period ! And every human being should celebrate.

Merry Christmas to you.

tammy said...

Really, people get too offended these days. I love how you put it, because who could get upset at being wished love and happiness? And fajitas and BBQ ribs sound pretty dang good to me. I love A Christmas Carol, too. Always a good story. Hope you have a great day.

jinksto said...

Well said. If I see one more movie about a kid wanting a BB gun I'm going to scream.

Merry Christmas.

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...

Well, today my husband and I took my Father to teh Round Table restaurant in Taylorville. That is OUR Christmas Dinner tradition! He had BBQ Ribs, my hubby had Chicken Fried Steak, and I had Crab Cakes.

So I guess we are traditionally nontraditional! :-)

Merry Christmas, Rob!

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@Chandan - Yep, even as a Hindu you get it and are not "offended" by Christmas. :)

@Tammy - I could be wrong, {gasp} but I don't think people really are offended by it. I think there is a group of people who LOVE to pretend some OTHER people are offended so they can make a big deal out of it and feel important about themselves! :(

For such a nice holiday, it's a rotten way to prop up your self-esteem.

@Jinksto - Hey Cuz, thanks for the nice words but this is nothing compared to your wonderful Christmas post!

@ Dizzy Mz. Lizzy - What? YOu found a restaraunt open on Christmas? Wow!

Tradtion is what you make it! :)