Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Boating Life

In the interest of keeping this story reasonably short I won't go into details, let it suffice to say that every weekend for the last month something conspired to keep me from getting my boat out of the water for winter storage.

Mainly winds. My boat has a LOT of free board and the wind will really move it around and getting it centered on the trailer in windy conditions is TOUGH.

Last weekend we had 30 MPH winds. :(

We had been having a nice Indian summer and even with the winds the temps have been very moderate but this week the the weather got normal and we were getting lows in the 20's and the lake was starting to ice up! EEEp

So one day the sun was out and the wind was only 15 mph so even though the temp was 21 degrees I said Do it. NOW!

The marina is about 10 miles from my house. I got about a 1/2 mile, just far enough to get out into open water and suffered a mechanical. I lost steering. So this time the free board worked for me. With the winds help and use of power (with no steering) I was able to run into the dock and lasso a post at the Springfield Boat Club.

So what to do? I was really worried, VERY cold weather is coming; Very cold as in -4 F! The lake is already icing over so this is a major time crunch! How am I going to get this boat out out of the water?? The marina is clearly out but I HAVE to get to a boat ramp.

Finally the flash bulb went off- I went and bought an electric trolling motor, and attached it to the swim platform! I had to stand back there to drive but it worked...

Well, 30 pounds of thrust does not move a 4,000 pound boat very fast and there were times I did not make much head way at all against the wind but I did it, ever so slowly but I got it to the boat ramp all the same! Whew, huge load lifted!


I got to thinking about the whole situation in nerd terms though. I realized I am now just like any other federation vessel... I have my warp drive (seen above) and now I have impulse power too for in system movement.

And just like on Star Trek if you loose the warp engine too far out you will starve before the impulse engine will bring you home but if you are not too far out the impulse engine can keep you moving when all else fails.

Of course if I had had Scotty or even Geordie they could have got my steering working! :) Man I would have even settled for Wesley Crusher! Now THAT is desperation! :)

Here she is at the boat ramp going onto the trailer. Nothing like cutting it close eh?


tammy said...

Um yeah, you were cutting it close! And I laughed when you tied in Star Trek to your story.

House of Jules said...

Brrrrrrrrrr! That water is not very inviting. Then again, neither is the view out my window. Oh well. Winter in Illinois...

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@tammy - Well, I'm trying hard to keep the nerd levels to acceptable standards! :)

@HOJ - No, that water is just barely water at that point. I just knew I was going to fall into that frigid water standing back on that swim platform running the impulse engine for 47 minutes it took to get to the nearest ramp. (then I had to walk back to my truck)

Sat was a brutal life lesson in procrastination!

Anonymous said...

Rob originally intended on buying the "impulse" engine a couple of years ago when the dilithium crystals in his warp drive cracked. And the vessel was stranded, floating in space (or water) with no power.

I guess once his warp drive was fixed, he forgot his intention of installing an impulse engine. Funny how a SECOND break down caused him to finally get a backup.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

El-Steve-o- Yep, I am a procrastinator. :(

Not only did I forget about getting a backup impulse engine for two years, when I stressing trying to figure out how I was going to get that boat out of the water I was STILL forgetting about it.

Unlike the last warp failure at least this time the 'solar' winds! got me to an orbital position so I could get dirt side and buy an impulse engine. :)

"it's good to be a geek!"