Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Since several of you liked the insurance on one tire thing I thought I would quickly share another one along the same lines.

You know how when you get your hair cut and the stylist is always trying to sell you $50 bottles of shampoo or gel or what not and it is all ridiculously priced?

For me it was always a quandary, it does not take a genius IQ to realize you should not annoy the person or cooks your food or cuts your hair so my normal sarcasm super powers are rendered inert in those situations. Yet those stylists could be so darned pushy!

So I finally hit on the perfect solution. When they start trying to push all that pricy stuff on me I just say, "Sure I’ll take it all but I have one question first, do they test any of these products on animals?"

They will almost always feign shock and say, “Oh no! Jeanie Michelle has a very strict animal testing policy! They would never test their products on animals!”

Then with a perfectly straight face I will say, “Well, if their products are not good enough for a dog they certainly are not good enough for me.”

That's the end of the conversation every single time!

(Yes Melek, I really do say that! :) )


kay said...

you are a nut

Crazymamaof6 said...

that is great.

my thing is when they offer me credit cards at every store, it stops them quick when i say "i'm not allowed to have one!" Lance would kick my rear if i started spending money we don't have. we learned the hard way to use credit wisely. and getting every freaking store card is unwise for me.

Melissa said...

So you and your dog will have the same nice shiny hair or nothin'?

Nice, I like a guy who treats his dog right ;)

Rob said...

Kay - Awwwww. Thanks!

CrazyMomma - I love that! Your man won’t "let" you! I bet that raises eyebrows! lol!

Melissa - It’s all about the boy and his dog! :)

OHmommy said...

What a great way to shut them up. I will definately try that. I can't wait to see the stylist's expression. LOL.

Rob said...

OhMommy - Remember, the hard part is keeping a straight face when you say it! If you crack up you loose! :)

When you see all the expressions pass over their face when you say it, it's hard not to crack up!

Andie said...

I'm lucky. My cousin cuts my hair. LOL