Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back in Tundra Town

Well I made the 12 hour drive back to Illinois yesterday.

As I listened to the radio all day I learned a couple of things. As I heard about the thousands upon thousands of flights canceled and the havoc wreaked on the air transport system I sure am glad I drove!

I also learned I have a medical problem! (but it IS treatable!) An ad came on and started listing symptoms. It asked do you suffer from A or B? Well no A but a big yes to B! So now I am intrigued
Yes to C  - hmmmm
Yes to D as well! Wow!
Yes to E too! Oh no!

Oh man, they really have my attention now!

Apparently I have Menopause!

Thank God it IS treatable according to the man with the smooth voice on the radio!


Rudy said...

That is funny you diagnosed yourself with a commercial

Cheeseboy said...

LOL! Menopause makes perfect sense. I think I have some of those symptoms too.

tammy said...

This made me laugh.

You better back up your radio diagnosis with an internet diagnosis.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@Rudy - It's even funnier since I am male! :)

@Cheeseboy - You too huh? You me and Glee! Getting spooky! :)

@Tammy - As usual, damned good thinking!