Monday, March 26, 2012

Random Points


I have been DVR'ing "Hoarders" as I know a few.

For some reason I just can't make myself delete them off the DVR after I watch them. I mean what if I missed something? What if they cancel the series, how will I ever catch what I missed? What if someday something comes up and the knowledge in one of those episodes is EXACTLY what I need to solve the problem.

My DVR is all full of Hoarders episodes and I cant record anything else. I guess I need a bigger DVR.


A few posts back I showed you my new fence. I have also been moving a lot of dirt to level the yard and improve drainage. I have been so stiff and sore for weeks now. So I decided Sunday was going to be a day of rest, a "me day".  I vowed I would not do any work! Read, watch Cheesy TV etc and just relax for one lousy day.

I decided to play the Wii I bought, jeez, years ago. I had a BLAST playing Tennis, baseball, golf and Bowling.

Some rest! Wii Sports is active! My God I am so stiff this morning I can hardly type. I don't remember my coffee cup being so damn heavy!

"Bad call Ripley, bad call."