Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thoughts on Food

I just had a mermaid salad sandwich. I know it sounds really weird but it was really good! However  I am troubled by the ethical situation. Are mermaids human enough to count as cannibalism? I mean it's roughly akin to having sex with a third cousin. The genetic spread is great enough by gen 3 to avoid monster babies so its totally legal in any state but the thought is still creepy.

So yeah, clearly it's legal to eat mermaids or else Kroger would not have a shelf full of them but in spite of the flaky tenderness of the meat I am still having qualms. Something just is not right about eating mermaid. Maybe I am just too much a guy and it just bugs me to eat pretty mermaids. Maybe I should try eating mermen? Oh wait! Strike that! Never mind!

To top it all off I know rednecks think every kind of non traditional meat tastes like chicken however I find that mermaid meat tastes nothing like chicken so I am not sure what the marketing folks had in mind with this name...

On another note I heard rice cakes were really good for weight loss. So I thought I would give them a try. Never being a shades of grey kind of guy I ate nothing but rice cakes for 5 days. Two rice cakes and a cup of coffee for a meal is so yummy and satisfying so you would think its a great diet right?  However, I put on a butt load of weight (literally!) I don't get it? Could TV have possibly lied to me?

Rice cakes for weight loss! The great LIE!