Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It's Nerd-a-riffic!

It is even geektastic!

My house mate gave me the most awesomely geeky gift! (after Michelle's devastating critique of men with room mates I have adapted the more man-friendly term house mate! Domestic partnership is actually the most accurately descriptive term but that one seems to give people funny ideas)

I have scored mondo geek points at work with my new gift. I am once again rising to alpha-geek status in the nerdy herd (sadly, no mating privileges are attached to this type of alpha status)

Check it out! She gave me a PEN.

Oh not just any old any old pen. This is a pen Sean Connery would be proud to own! Note the two buttons on the upper right side. We will get to that in a minute.

With this pen when you the twist the shank one way you get a normal old ink pen...

However, if you twist the tip the OTHER way you get a PDA stylus! No more fumbling around looking for the stupid plastic pen that is SUPPOSED to be attached to the PDA, it's right in your pocket! In a perfect world, while in a meeting, your arch rival geek seeking to score points would see you about to write on your PDA with a 'normal' pen and would say aloud, "Hey, you can't use a pen on your PDA!" Then you could casually demonstrate your nerdy superiority with your pen stylus! Mmmmmmm, can you feel the nerdy juices starting to flow yet?

But wait there is more!! Remember those two buttons? Well one of them is a flashlight! There is flash photography involved here so it does not look like much of a light but I used it to fetch the trash cans from the curb and it will nicely light the area in front of you while are walking! Ohhh yeah! {shudder} That's the stuff!

Oh but it just keeps getting better! Then we have the laser pointer. Oh NOTHING scores nerdy points like having your OWN laser pointer when you want to oh so coolly point out the mistakes of your arch rival during HIS presentation! Mmmmmmmm that's good stuff.

Again, the flash does dim things but this one has range. After my recent special forces operation to laser designate the trash cans out by the curb allowing Jack Bower's strike team to home in on them I was actually able to lase things up to 75 meters away and I am sure it will go further.

But now, for the piece de resistance! Oooooooo, the STICKER! Folks, it is that gift buying time of year again and if you are buying something for ANY male remember this little gift of insight I am about to bestow on you...

Anything that has a red DANGER sticker on it is wayyyyyy cool! Folks, you could take a Beany Baby or a cute little dolly and put a big red DANGER sticker on it and it instantly scores mondo man points!

You could even give that most dreaded of male presents, clothing (ick!) up to and including the absolute worst man present EVER, mens underwear but if you put the word DANGER on them then everything is suddenly very cool!

You simply can not go wrong with anything that says DANGER!

Do I have the coolest house mate or what?


Manic Mom said...

Well, you're just really lucky I already posted the Minute With Manic before I realized what a true geek you really are!

LOL!!! Go check it out! Hope you like!

Anonymous said...

Now, if you were REALLY paying attension to 24, you would know that it's "Bauer" not "Bower" -- I swear, I'm gonna make you watch a whole season just for educational purposes (and yes... you can guffaw at the impossibilities as much as you like... as long as it's recorded so I can catch the dialogue later)

My Semblance of Sanity said...

The danger sticker!!!

Loved your Minute with Manic!

Nicely done!

Michelle said...

That is awesome!!

Melissa said...

Geektastic? Nerd herd? I've heard of craptastic but never geektastic. I'm going to have to borrow this one.

What is it with geeks and gadgets? My hubby would love that pen. In fact, I may have to go out and buy him one for Christmas now...I'll make sure to get him one with danger written on it since it seems that's an important part of it's mystique.

Patti said...


and i am so related to rednecks...ain't nuthin wrong with dat...

Melek said...

it's definitely nerd-tastic. of course, if you're anything like me, you'll lose it in about 2 minutes. so you might want to chain that sucker to your wrist.

Tanya said...

So are you going to tell us the name of the muli-use pen and where it can be purchased? that is some important info. I have a wonderfully nerdy husband at home, who may need this.

Robin said...

Wow, I saw the laser pointer and my geek-o-meter pegged out!

That's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I agree -- it's the kind of thing that gets lost in 5 minutes. So... I bought a whole bag full at Dane's discount for 3$ each. Sorry... don't know where else they're sold. The lable says "4 in 1 pen" from novelty outfitters.

Rob said...

I'll NEVER loose mine!

IF I should happen to misplace it then like a Jedi and his light saber my love for THE PEN will have it floating through the air to return to me!

Rob said...

Now Erika, due to my laughter you wont even watch 24 in the same room with me anymore, how are you going to educate me? :)

I mean I was laughing so I *was* entertained even if it was not quite the kind of entertainment the writers had in mind!

My misspelling Bauer also reminded me of the time about 10 years ago on a Star Trek board (A BBS, remember those?) I made the mistake of referring to the Klingon Security Officer as "Wharf". Oh dear lord! Hell hath no fury like 10,000 geeks scorned.

Rob said...

Robin- A female engineer with a geek-o-meter? I am intrigued. It's a shame you don't have a blog!

Rob said...

Melissa - >>What is it with geeks and gadgets?<<

That is the eternal question! Do we become geeks because we love gadgets or do we love gadgets because we are geeks?

I lean towards the former theory. For me my love and study of machinery at an early age prevented me from developing social skills, so naturally I was an outcast in school therefore I spent more time reading about machines. Ultimately I became a nerd.

Many sociologists in the field of nerdology disagree though. My tale is merely anecdotal in their eyes.

Jules said...

This is the pen that Diane Court should have given Lloyd Dobler in exchange for his heart. Amazing.

michelle said...

okay, okay ... your housemate is obviously fabulous ... and therefore, i have made you my exception to the "roommate red flag rule". ;)

Rob said...

Oh that is wonderful news Michelle! I have not slept since your spear pierced my already fragile ego so now may be able to sleep tonight! ;) Oh, I also gave up the yukele lessons! :(

BTW, my obviously fabulous roommate is also a proud maple leafer as well.

Callsign Echo said...

Now, that you have a fabulous laser pen, you need a one-upping pocket protector.