Tuesday, December 14, 2010

TV Ads

Man, TV sure has changed since I was young.

Nowadays it's just sex, sex, SEX!

I mean look at the "Victoria's secret" ads, whatever it was it aint much of a secret anymore now is it?

Then there are those Playtex commercials where the women are actually cupping their boobs while talking to them and about them. Can you believe that?

Then there are the ads for those Nike shape up shoes thing.. They found an incredibly shapely butt, put it in thin TIGHT Spandex and just zoomed WAY in. I mean that was as close to being naked as I have ever seen while being fully dressed, in high def and 2 foot across to boot!

The Sketchers got in on the act too and started doing lots of "booty zooms" with the camera and then they did that shapers top thing too so now they are zooming in on boobs as well as booties! Then they introduced dozens of women in of bikinis moving in slow motion to their ads!! Are there no limits?

My God, when I was young it was an absolute SCANDAL that sometimes on Charlie's Angels they did not wear a bra. They were literally protesting in the streets over it. Now not only can you see "cameltoe" but they zoom the camera in so close you can even tell she has a piercing down there. It's just unbelievable

Man, what a great time to be alive!


jinksto said...

This is horrible.

Probably the worst reporting I've ever seen.

You don't even provide any links to videos!

Cheeseboy said...

I have not seen the Sketchers commercial of which you speak. I need to watch more tv.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

It's becoming clear I should start watching commercials again. Darn direct TV, making me ignorant of current societal trends.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@jinksto - Last night I was trying to correct my horrible reporting... I was surfing around trying to find some of these ads to link in to the post. Then I realized Erika was sitting where she could see what I was doing. Even though I doubt she paid any attention to me I suddenly felt VERY perverted looking for videos zoomed in on tight spandex wrapped butts in front of my hot female room mate.

Oh and keying the search terms "talking to breasts" into google did not feel weird at all. Nope! Un-uh! Not a bit. lol

@cheesboy - Find a quiet room with no hot room mate (or mate of any kind) and google away!

@Megan - Find a quiet room with no hot room mate (or mate of any kind) and google away! LOL! You education DEMANDS IT! lol!

Chandan said...

Well there is nothing we can do to change it and honestly, I don't think I need it changed... But let me clear my doubt...

How the heck someone did a piercing down there? I don't know if there is any who can go deep in there to do a piercing..... CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY....