Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Phone it in!

I have three stories to write for this blog on my todo list but I am swamped at the moment so I am phoning this one in...

I hesitate though because as utterly hilarious as I find this:

1) I got zippo response on the last youtube vids I posted so apparently not too popular...
2) This may just be too nerdy! {gasp!} This is about online D&D of which there are several variants, Worlds of Warcraft (WOW) is by far the most popular.

The playable character you create in game is called an avatar (or toon) Now the business people over at the maker of WOW know lots of teenage boys are going to play so they sex the avatars up nicely. So here is a good example of how to drive repeat business with teenage boys....

Since I overcame my catholic upbringing long ago I have no problems with sex (as noted in the last post :) ) however the analytical geek in me gets annoyed that a getup like this often has a high armor value! That does not compute Will Robinson! Those breast cups may have a high charisma rating but the armor should be close to ZERO. (See, I thought this may be too nerdy!)

Anyway, someone did a GREAT song about the {say it softly} sexual nature of this game. The tune is catchy and the lyrics are HILARIOUS (if you grasp the online world enough to "get" them that is) If nothing else the balding guy dancing in "armor" cracks me up too!

Anyway you slice it, this is good indie art! I hope you enjoy!

(double click to detach to get full width! :(  )

(You can touch my plus five two dexterity vest! ROFL! )

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NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Nothing! Not even a check mark for "interesting" lol!

Man what a tough crowd!