Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My son, my son

Two quickies about my boy...

Just a week or two ago I told you all he did not seem to inherit any nerdiness from me. I might have to rethink that.

So last Sunday I was working on my truck, flush and fill the coolant, change the oil , etc., getting her ready for the trip back to north of the the arctic circle (aka the Mason-Dixon line) . As previously noted my truck is pretty tall. I stand 5'11 and its still hard for me to reach inside the engine compartment as the fenders nestle nicely into my armpits. :)

So I am standing on an old chair to work. My son takes a look, walks to the garage wall grabs the step ladder and says "Here, try this Pop".

Who's son is THIS? I mean just how UN-Texan can you get?

On the other hand, the ladder clearly works better, its easier to get up and down from and even has a handly shelf for my tools and everything! The step ladder far far was more efficient! (and therefore nerdy) Hmmmm. Maybe a few nerd genes did slip into the old baby batter after all?


Last summer he picked me up from the airport in his Ford truck.  

He pulled up to me in arrivals and he had a cute little dog in his lap. I just stood at the curb with slight vertigo while my world view rebooted.

"What's wrong Dad?"
"Son, you did not have to lie. I would love you no matter what."
"What are you talking about?"
"You did not have to hang posters of Tyra Banks and Jessica Simpson in your room all those years."
"What are you talking about?"
"You could have just told me you were gay. You did not have to hide it, oh from your friends on the football team sure but not from me!"
"What THE HELL are you talking about Dad?"
"You have a little lap dog in your truck dude! That is profoundly gay son."
"No it's not! Lots of Texas men have dogs in their trucks!"
"In their trucks YES, in their laps, NO!"

We both had a decent laugh then I got in the truck.

Then I found out "lap dog" is not a voluntary act. In two minutes I had a lap dog like it or not. (damn thing was so cute too!)

So my brilliant son says in a dead pan, "So that whole marriage thing with Mom was just a cover up, huh Dad?"

That boy is sharp...I am soooo proud.


tammy said...

Lap dogs may not be very manly, but I bet he gets a lot of attention from women while he's toting that dog around. I totally notice the people who have dogs.

And the step ladder thing? It's a proven fact that highly intelligent people don't have a lot of common sense. So I can see how you would've missed that one. (and that was meant as a compliment, even if it didn't come off as one)

Chandan said...

It looks from the comments that girls like men with dogs on their lap... I hate dogs or pets in general, but if that can get a chic's attention, I would bear that dog on my lappie.... Lol

And ladder thing, DUDE you are the most efficient and the logical person I've ever known. How could stand on a chair when you had a step ladder? I have lost a little bit of Mr Efficient respect on you now...

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...

You son is VERY sharp - - he knows that cute little doggy will be a total chick magnet! :)

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@Tammy - Said it before and I'll say it again, women love gay guys! :)

As for the Commonsense thing I'll take that for a compliment, I guess!? lol

@Chandan - It gets their attention but since your tagged in the girls mind as gay (therefore safe) you never get what you want! :)

"How could stand on a chair when you had a step ladder?"

Well, the chair was closer when i needed it therefore more efficient! ;)

My son bringing me the ladder was really efficient. I expended zero joules of energy and got what I needed. C'mon, does it get anymore efficient than that? :)

@Dizzy Ms. Lizzy - Already covered, chicks LOOK at guys with dogs, they TALK to guys with dogs but that's about it! :)