Sunday, February 26, 2012

I have the POWER (2)

Wow, I am just coming to grips with this sway I hold over the universe. Not long ago I say here that Rick Perry should not be president and within 12 hours he drops out of the the race.

Last year I bitch about Ford building wimpy "Muscle  cars" and now they have this!

This is way better than my idea of putting a megaphone in the wheel well so it would at least sound like a muscle car.

Apparently the force grows strong in me! Anyone seen my droid?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Whitney Houston

As we know "Celebrity Watch" is not my thing here so I'll keep this very short and to the point...

For a week now I have been hearing "I Will Always Love You". GAH! NO mos por favor, no mos!  Uh HELLO "Journalists", Whitney actually did more than one song and in my opinion that is not her best. In fact it makes me think of Tarzan! AhhhhhAHHHHHahhhhAHHHHH. Where Cheetah Jane?

On the other hand  I simply can not listen to "I wanna dance with Somebody" and NOT start moving.

Shut up about Bobby Brown already. Whitney can kill herself alllll by herself like a BIG girl!

'Nuff said