Friday, December 3, 2010

My virtual Cuz' Jinktso

Yesterday Jinksto left a comment on my Snerds post. I usually answer comments in the comments section but every now and then a comment deserves a post all it's own!

So Jinksto wrote:

"Three posts in a row that have caused me to comment. I'm not commenting tomorrow."

What? Why not, you act like its a bad thing? I live for comments!

In fact, I have started to suspect that poor Tammy has been leaving me "pity comments" she knows she is the only one who leaves me comments most of the time anymore so her continuing to leave comments is the bloggy equivalent of throwing a buck at the homeless dude on the sidewalk each morning!

In fact, pondering Tammy's plight I have coined the term: Oblogation: feeling obligated to read and comment on someones blog! :)

Poor Tammy! A heart of gold though!

"A friend and I were chatting about nerd blogs last night. Interestingly, yours came up. we both read yours. One of the comments was that, "yeah, he writes good stuff"

Ahhhh, lifted to dizzying heights on the wings of praise

" but it's not as 'nerdy' as the blog name implies"

Then hurled bloodily to the rocks below! lol!

I can honestly say this is the first time I have ever been accused of not being nerdy enough. I am sure Erika will choke when she reads that! ;)

I find it vastly funny that you think the fact that your D&D group frequently had these guys playing was testament to their (and your) nerdness but seem to blaze past the statement that your even HAVING a D&D group makes.

Huh. You lost me there. Why is that funny? lol

Jinksto, I had no idea you liked the nerdy side. When you do comment it's usually on the rednecky posts and you often brag about your redneckness on your blog. The only exception is our discussions of chi-chi's aura! :) (may chi-chi's aura remain pastels!)

Thanks though, your comment really made my day! Seriously!

And hey, friend of Jinksto, feel free to come out of lurker mode. Now that I have had some feedback I will endeavor to let my inner nerd come out and play more often!


Erika said...

As the owner of... um... 28 songs from the Talking Heads, I didn't feel I could comment on the nerdy quality of the last post but no... you'll never here "not nerdy enough" from me!

WillAtHome said...

Alright - as long as you're going to bring up the "inner iPod" thing, I'll have to come out of lurker mode. Most males have one - but that yours brings up Talking Heads and recalling how their moves were the secret handshake of your D&D group is about as nerdy as it gets.

Stay tuned for a post on my credentials.

tammy said...

I won't be commenting on this post so you won't feel like I'm just doing it out of oblogation : )

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@Erika - My goodness, I am flabbergasted. Erika...likes...The Talking Heads? Wow!

@Willathome - "as nerdy as it gets!" Mmmmmmmmm. That's more like it! ;)

@Tammy- I sure wish Tammy would comment. I miss her already!