Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thanks for your support dear!

I was dating a girl last summer. She and her room mate got into a big fight and since i have a truck I helped her move out. My truck sits pretty high and I jumped off the tail gate. I landed a little wrong and hurt my foot. I was gimped out pretty bad for a while there

Now she was really nice and she went grocery shopping for me (since I hurt my foot helping her) but I needed to go to the bank. My bank in Texas has one and only one branch here in Springfield and its in the giant Wal-Mart. So anyway you slice it it a pretty good walk to go to the bank there. So I kept putting it off.

So this gal was saying,  "Just use one of the powered carts up front that is what they are there for."
"No they are there for old people, I just HATE it when I see young strong people using them, its the same as parking in the handicapped spot to me."
"Oh quit being such a baby, you need to go to the bank, your foot is injured so just use the cart!"

So she wheedled and cajoled (nice words for nagged) me into using the cart. No sooner than I sat on the seat the burn on my face and neck began! I was soooooo humiliated. I could feel every eye burning me with their glare!

I could hear ever single person thinking "Look at that lazy worthless bastard using the old peoples cart!"

It. was. horrible.

I wheeled up to the tellers window and was filling out my slip. You know how you "know" tellers and hair stylists and such? We make small talk every week or so. So I 'knew' these people at the bank so I was telling them how horrible I felt for using this cart and how my girlfriend "wheedled" me into it when my phone went off, I just got a text. It was from my girlfriend- it said:

"OMG! You should see this! It's horrible! There is this perfectly able bodied ASS in a powered chair at the bank in the Wal-mart! What a douche!"

She cracked me up but I don't care what the tape measure says, the trip out of Wal-Mart on that scooter was three times longer than the trip in.



Fred said...

Good story, great girlfriend. That's an absolutely awesome sense of humor.

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...

When I had my foot surgery last September, I wound up having to use those carts in Walmart for a few weeks. I tried walking through the store once about 5 weeks after surgery (thought I was healed enough to "handle" it)(I was SO wrong).....after that, I didn't care what anyone thought. My foot and staying away from causing myself any more pain was way more important!

But the first couple of times? I did feel embarrassed! There was no reason to, but - - guess I'm just used to doing for myself and not wanting any help or accommodations.....I'm a stubborn, hard-headed Italian, I guess!

tammy said...

My friend was recently pregnant with twins and had to use one every time she went to the store and hated it!! Poor Rob. Maybe next time we can find one that's been supercharged for you.

Aaron's Blog said...

LMAO!!! Excellent!