Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gub'ment Propaganda ;)

Alright ladies, you told me about laps dogs. and I already knew that if I looked like a girl that would help but you NEVER TOLD ME about this secret!

Ok, it's kinda cute, they rotate these and put up a fresh one every month. They are all about equally as cute.

Seriously though, this state is running a HUGE deficit! This state is either the second or third most financially screwed up state in the union (California is #1 of course. At least we have electricity here! ;)  )  yet they have money to print and distribute cutsie little reminders about basic hygiene every month.

This state is also PSA crazy. (Public service announcement)  Drunk driving, slow down in construction zones, wear your seat belts. These ads are on TV every night.  Of course I realize they don't spend any money to RUN them ( I think) but the production costs of dozens of television commercials are not inconsequential.

The politicians here say they can not find ANYTHING to cut to solve the budget problems. :) Nothing at all!

Well, I could tell some "inside" stories but won't as long as I work here. :) ;) (which will only be another couple of months) but this stuff should be obvious.

Correction: According to this Bloomberg Story. This is THE most financially screwed up state in the union. This year the budget is 26 Billion with 13 Billion of it deficit spending. Wow. Just WOW!


tammy said...

So that sign is recent? I was thinking it was a retro 1950's or something. Hmmm...yeah, that could be a way to cut back some, but they really probably think they're helping people because you know we're all too stupid to figure these things out for ourselves.

Luvpilot and I drove to New Mexico once and were laughing at all the PSA signs about drunk driving. I swear they were every 200 ft along the highway. Think they have a problem there?

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...

Rob, after having worked for the State, I'm sure you and I could sit down and have one helluva conversation and swap many, many "inside stories".....could be interesting! I still have quite a few friends who work in Springfield, and I thank God every day that I am no longer over there!

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@Tammy - Oh yeah, they have not put the Jan signs up yet (its the state! lol) so that one is still up. Yeah, I like the retro. Of course I am working in a building that was put up in 1889 (the fireplaces are AWESOME!) so what's a little art deco among friends! :)

@Dizzy - I don't wanna get fired for talking out of turn or having my next client think I will blab his secrets but hey, your retired, lets hear some stories!!! :)

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...

Hey Rob, I'm not retired yet, I am just no longer with the State. However, where I work at now still has a State funded pension plan.....which means I may NEVER get to retire.....