Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sea Salt

So what the deal with sea salt grinders? Now pepper grinders I get. You release aromatics when you grind a peppercorn and you get more flavor. I don't think that applies to salt.

Now Erika has a couple of salt grinder that I like just 'cause they are mechanically cool. Plus when I am not in the mood to grind my own I can just use a real salt shaker!
So what has me whining about this is that now restaurants are starting to jump onto this faddish band wagon...

I go to a restaurant and pay 20 bucks to eat and I have to grind my own freaking salt? What did we just jump back in time 200 years. "Pa, why don you head on down to da salt lick wit a hammer and a bucket?"

Don't they have machines to do this shit?

At least put a real salt shaker on the table for those of us who don't have time for all the latest fads.

By gard, pre-ground salt was gud nuff fer me pappy and it's damn sho good nuff fo me!

Next time I eat at one of these place that makes me grind my own salt I am going to attach an invoice for my time spent grinding .0002 cents worth of salt to the bill and deduct it from my total.

Thus concludes Rob's bizarre rant of the day!

(Get off my yard you little bastards!)


tammy said...

I love your rants.

Justin said...

Your rants are great!

Fresh ground pepper = awesome.

Fresh ground salt = nothing special.

Erika said...

If you didn't eat it by the pound, the grinding wouldn't be so bad (c; Actually... I can taste the difference between sea salt and iodized table salt. Did you know there's many many kinds? I should put pink salt in one and see if you notice!

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@tammy and Justin - I sure am glad someone enjoys them! :)

@Erika - I KNEW when I made the post I would get some kind of salt volume comment from you! lol!

BTW, the rant was not about sea salt, I agree the flavor varies, the rant was about the fad of "grind it yourself" sea salt.