Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's the law.

Oh, my once hot but ditzy wife was raised by a hard core west Texas gun loving redneck. (Whereas I as was raised as the Nebraska breed.)

So about a decade ago we ended up shooting in competitive couples matches on weekends. Oh amateur level to be sure but it was a lot of fun.

Now she was a good shooter but she was still not the mechanical type so I did all the break down and cleaning of the rifles.

During this time frame I had some customers in Chicago. One Sunday afternoon after a match I was sitting on the floor cleaning rifles on the towel covered coffee table watching football when the phone rang. It was one of my clients in Chicago.

"Hey Rob, I hate to bother you on a Sunday but we wanted to get a jump on Monday and wondered if you have time for some questions? Are you busy?"

"No, not at all I am just cleaning my wife's rifle, Just let me turn off the game..."
With an odd tone he said, "What? You mean your cleaning... your rifle"
Still a little oblivious here, "Nope, I'm all done with my rifle I am working on hers now."
Now the tone is disbelieving and hesitant, "Your wife has a rifle?"
"Why on earth does your wife have a rifle"

Now I am (finally) catching on that he thinks it is really bizarre that my wife shoots so I simply replied, "Well Jerry, it's Texas, it's the law."

Moments of silence then, "So about that meeting...."


Chandan said...

I was thinking this is the story about busting the ass with the truck... Anyways I don't knw why they were surprised while anyone and everyone in South Chicago has a gun....:-) May be he was too nice a guy to possess something like that...

tammy said...

That's funny!

And what's a barn swallow?

Luvpilot is dying to buy me a gun. I guess I should let him. Can I get one that's pink and has rhinestones on it?

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@Chandan - That's insider trader. You have to wait for me to humiliate myself by posting my attempts at self destruction FIRST! Then you get to comment on them! lol

@tammy - I knew I liked luvpilot. :) I thought it was the law where you lived too? :)

Just for grins I googled "pink guns for women" and got 9,210,000 hits.

One Feb I asked the hot ditzy one what she wanted for Valentines day. She picked (I want to emphasize SHE PICKED) a chromed .380 with 'pearl' handles. Yeah, that's pretty girly.

Back then she worked night shift at a large company in a bad neighborhood. She kept that pistol in her lap (no fumbling around trying to get it out) in case anyone tried anything at a stop light. The girl could shoot so lucky for who ever that might have tried it they never did.