Monday, January 3, 2011

Road trip shorties

I already posted the Redneck sign but I thought I would share other short thoughts from my recent road trip with y'all.

I saw an old man peeing on the side of I-44. He made NO effort to hide. I laughed. I could hear his thought process: "I'm old, I have to pee and I mean NOW and I am not stumbling around in the mud to "hide" on the shoulder side of the truck. So deal with it puritans! lol!

Ok, so how do you know you did NOT stop for food and fuel at a "classy joint"?

Now really, are FOUR big master Padlocks needed? If you have the means to get one BIG master lock off (Bolt cutters) is having three more going to matter? Uh, no. That's just bad engineering. Well perhaps it's just good marketing to idiots who think "horny goat weed" is a good revenue stream. 

So who buys this stuff anyway? "Hell Bubba! My dates a shore thing! I gots me some horny goat weed at the truck stop!"

I drove through two tornado generating fronts in one day. This is the first one.

This picture is NOT blurry! See how the dash is in focus? Note the light levels? It is 10 AM. The wipers are on high,  emergency flashers are on and we are driving s-l-o-w! I found out later 3 people were killed about 20 miles from where this picture was taken. About 6 hours later as I was punching through the second front and keeping my Mark IV eye balls tracking the clouds and potential places to stop and take cover my internal I-Pod pulled up and loaded a seriously old tune!

I started singing "Duck and Cover" (Youtube link)  Wow, I was really dredging the depths of the wet ware for that one huh? I can't believe they were still showing that one in 1971 or so when I saw it. It was 20 years old then. I can't believe I still remember it!

Weird how the mind works huh?


Chandan said...

Are you out of your mind? In that storm all you have to do is hold that steering wheel stiff, keep your eyes on the road and watch out for the cars in front of you.... Instead you are holding your phone, switching on your camera, adjusting the light and zoom and clicking.... Who does that? Sure a redneck does......!!:-)

Saimi said...

Seriously that's some insane rain storm and you're taking pictures! What a person will go through to have blogging material! HA!!

Stopping by to say Hi

tammy said...

Wow. That there is a lot of rain.

And overkill on the locks! Especially for those!

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Chandan and Saimi- Hey, I put down my beer before taking pics, what do you want from me? ;)

@Tammy- What? You don't want horny goat weed bad enough to steal it? {shock}