Monday, November 22, 2010

Whew! NOW I feel safe!

I don't care how many people you have to molest, so long as *I* feel safe.

I weep for what America once was. We have become a nation of Volvo driving, bicycle helmet wearing sniveling little pansies who will submit to any degradation to feel "safe"

Shame on you Mom; shame on YOU. You are suppossed to STOP this from happening to your baby not help out.

Bile and Scrambled eggs don't mix so well. :(


Chandan said...

Of all these ruthless safety measures, my all time favorite is when there is an extra large load carried on a semi... There is one gas guzzling pick up in the front and there is one more similar at the back of the semi, with large flags and a banner read "Over Sized Load"!! That is pure flushing money into the toilet.... Free ways only has good to see people driving, they r not dried up old ****!! Everybody can see that f**kin oversized truck... Just put a big banner on that if you want.....

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Well, yeah, but no one plays with my junk in that situation! ;)