Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The exception

Well I usually don't do the "motivational posters"because they are EVERYWHERE. However this one hits so close to home I HAD to share it!

Of course this is why when anyone calls me a consultant I correct them, I am a contractor I tell them. What's the difference is the inevitable question;

Contractors come in and do work, we get things DONE. Consultants come in and talk, write reports, hold meetings, get behind schedule and bring 42 other consultants to assist thereby REALLY cranking up the billable hours, then like a bad dinner guest just will NOT leave until you threaten them with a baseball bat. :) When they do finally leave you have a huge bill and little to nothing tangible to show for it.

State Governments LOVES consultants! :)

So I LOVE this poster!

Of course since I am making exceptions this morning and I grew up wearing overalls, I guess I can't let this post go without including this one...

I'm not sure about that caption though, look at the background behind her. She may be very good looking but I think she is still a redneck! ;)


Logcpt said...

I had the consulting picture printed out and hanging on my office wall when I was teaching consulting classes years ago. I guess the only thing sadder than a consultant is someone who teaches them. "Those who can do, those who can't teach!"

tammy said...

Those are funny. I love motivational and demotivational posters!

Melek said...

love the consultant/contractor poster....especially since i'm a contractor :)