Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Party Down!

I realize I live in a State Capital now but I had no idea election night was a PARTY NIGHT.

As a reminder I am working contracts at state agencies these days. At least in Illinois all state employees have the day off paid. Basically the state shuts down on election day.

The public schools here mirror the State schedule so if Mom or Dad are off then the kids are out too. (which is kinda cruel of the schools if you think about it. :) )

So I tried to make yesterday somewhat productive, after some cleaning and laundry I went to WAL-Mart for groceries. OMG the place was a mad house! It was like Christmas in there!

So I said "screw this" since it defeated the whole point of shopping on a weekday in the first place SO I went and got my oil changed and washed the car.

Then there has been a sewing machine of mine sitting unused down in the basement for while now. Erika dropped some VERY polite hints about it ( Hey, I am dropping some stuff at Good will, want me to take THAT too! ) lol

So I asked around and a friend wanted it so this was a perfect day to drop it off and get it out of the basement! I called and said, are you home and can I drop this off.. You bet, come on over... When I get here there is a PARTY going on! 3:00 on a weekday (even though schools and state are off)

I noticed as I was driving over too that MANY houses had slews of cars parked around them too. It looked like SuperBowl Sunday in that way.

Then they shut down the streets down town and it's a big street party after 7:00 o'clock.

I mean I am very into being a good citizen and voting and all but this place PARTIES over an election!

Very weird.


tammy said...

I hope people voted before they started drinking - or maybe not. We don't get the day off here, but my Wal Mart was busy just because all of the Halloween candy and costumes were 50% off.

Erika said...

Does that mean you found the cord for it (c; FYI -- I have a REAL honest-to-goodness functional sewing machine in my room any time you need it!

Chandan said...

Well honestly I partied till 12 am on Monday night and by the time I was awake, it was almost noon tuesday. My point is, no matter Demos win or GOP wins, beer prices won't vary much... :-) and lot of other big things don't change anyways.... So Drink and Chill... :-)

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@Tammy - Ah ha! That explains the Wal-mart situation!

@Erika - No, did not find the foot pedal, was just trying to be productive and I thought "get rid of THAT now, then drop off the foot pedal when you find it." I had no idea that getting rid of the sewing machine would end my productivity so efficiently! :(

@Chandan - "no matter Demos win or GOP wins, beer prices won't vary much" All this time I have known you I had no idea you were such a deep philosophizer. :) google the lyrics to the song "Meet the new Boss. Its what I sing after every election.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@Tammy - (II) - Ok, history nerd time! Many cultures have a principle about never acting on a decision made while drunk with out reconsidering it while sober. Only one culture- the ancient phoenicians (IIRC) made it a rule to recondiser all decisions made while sober after getting drunk. Somehow that strikes me as a VERY good idea! :)