Monday, November 15, 2010

Nerds Rule!

Sorry, this is two posts in a row of a non humor nature (unless of course like me you consider the TSA and "homeland security" to be HUGE albeit incredibly expensive jokes)

I have a new blogger hero! PLUS he is a software guy too! NERDS RULE!

You have probably heard of him since he seems to be headlining the news today but in case you have not...

When a TSA agent informed him we was going to pat down his groinal area he replied, "If you touch my junk I will have you arrested" (As the old commercial said, "that's sexual harassment and I don't have to take it!")

Needless to say he did not fly that day (and he may never fly again!)

6 TSA agents and a Police officer escorted him back to the ticket area, THEN a TSA supervisor told him if he left the airport without his groinal pat down he would be subject to a 10,000 fine and a civil suit.

He told the TSA supervisor 'see ya in court' and left! ROFL!

I love this guy! I want to have his children! What an American! (This nation was born defying ignorant unelected rulers. You know, like TSA agents and Federal Judges)

His Blog that started it all

Here is a shorter San Diego News story that will give you the gist quickly

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tammy said...

Wow. I hadn't heard about this guy yet. Just another example of TSA/government FAIL! You already know how I feel about pilots having to go through this screening. I wonder if this really will make less people fly. You can be damn sure I'm not letting them pat down my kids without me being right by their side.