Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A twofer post!

Item One)
I Flew to Dallas this weekend on my favorite Air Line (Southwest). I avoid airliner potties. I am not claustrophobic but the Lav's on airliners are sooo small I really hate dealing with them. I have to be deep, deep into the throws of the pee pee dance before I will enter the coffin like confines. I mean it has to be a "Do the Hustle" level of pee pee dance before I will enter those confines.

I have often wondered if the people who claim to have joined the mile-high club on an airliner are lying 'cause frankly I just can't see how it's physically possible in one of those little rooms. Even the people who put together the Kama Sutra look at an airline lav and go "Oh my numerous Gods! I am thinking No! No WAY man!"

So imagine my SHOCK when I saw two people enter the lav together! I mean we all know girls have some kind of secret and possibly unholy communal urination pact where they can only go in groups but MAN I thought the pact would surely have an airline lav exclusion section!

So when I saw two people go in together I thought, "within seconds one will leave and wait her turn...." but NO! So after a minute or so I thought I MUST have evidence! No one will ever believe two people were in there at the same time! So I shot this 10 second video proving it!

Item Two)
We can now add this post to the ever accumulating "Rob is a moron" pile of evidence... I shoot photos landscape all the time then rotate as needed so it did not occur to me that shooting a video sideways is not quite the same thing. Duh.

Uh, lets make it a threefer...

Item Three)
NO, I am not in the habit of filming women leaving the restroom. This was a special case, I Swear!


tammy said...

First, yay for Southwest!

Second, I don't believe the mile-high club stories either.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@tammy- Really? After your black-eye story I thought if anyone could pull it off it would be you and Luvpilot! :)

tammy said...

lol - now you've given me something to aim for.