Monday, October 25, 2010

The Dallas Cowboys Suck!

Yeah I said it!

My long time college buddy John won tickets to the cowboys game two Sundays ago in a United Way auction. 14th row 25 yard line. Wow. Not that it matters how close you are because every idiot in front of you stands up all the time so you still can't see the game!

Now I swore off the Cowboys until Jerry Jones dies (because he will NEVER sell!) back when he replaced 3 time Super Bowl winning head coach Jimmy Johnson with the disgraced unemployed college coach Barry Switzer. Still, the tickets were free and I did really want to see the new stadium.

I have never seen anything like this! Leather covered seats?

BTW, that is my buddy John in the foreground on the right. There is a great blog post to be written about how we became friends! :)

Anyway, look at this bar! It's beautiful! In a football stadium though?

Then turn around and you have a freaking gourmet food bar. Gourmet = really small portions and "presentation" is very important. Bah!

I mean look at these shoes... You can't wear shoes like this to FOOTBALL! It's just so wrong!

Here is a 10 dollar beer. Yep, 10 dollars! Funny, it tasted just like normal beer but there HAD to be something special about it for 10 bucks, right?

Well wait, FINALLY! Something remotely like football! YAY! :)

Then to top off all my disappointments at fru fru BS in a football stadium they lied! Look at this sign!

I stood here for over an hour and still did not get any action! Damn that lying ass Jerry Jones!

Then they actually had a game here! In the midst of all the nightclubs, restaurants, etc, they actually had a foot ball field too! Wadaya know bout dat?

On that note, the city of Dallas owes Jessica Simpson a HUGE apology! See the Cowboys QB Tony Romo was dating her last year and he had a sub par season. Many, many people blamed poor Jessica saying she was a huge distraction. Well they are NOT dating any more and Romo still sucks so it clearly was not poor Jessica's fault.

Man up Dallas, give the girl the apology she deserves.


tammy said...

For $10 I hope they let you keep the glass.

Poor action.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Yeah I got to keep the 'glass' but it was just a Dairy Queen "peanut buster parfait" cup with a cowboys logo on it.

I was not so upset over the lack of action as I am OVER THE BLANTENT LIE! ;)