Friday, October 29, 2010


Short stuff today.


Cheeseboy Is Normal (Well in *THAT* way)

Cheeseboy has often wondered aloud on his blog if his adoration for "Glee" indicated any gay tendencies on his part.

Cheeseboy, you can relax. They sucked me in too. First was the commercials with Britney Spears crawling around in that translucent bodysuit thing. I... was... compelled... to... watch. "I laughed, I cried, it was better than 'Cats'"

Then last night they did Rocky Horror! Oh yeah! I LOVED IT! It's been at least 20 years since I have seen "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" so I was shocked at how many of the lyrics I remembered! Good memories! (Damn it! Janet!)

Erika even commented she should take a picture of me smiling WHILE watching Glee

So one Cheesy, you are not alone, I am hooked. Two, there ain't nothing gay about watching hot women dancing around and singing! Nope, not a bit! Now, the women who like the show... hmmmmm? :)


I'm Such a bitch

I have a shell credit card. I signed up for online bill pay today. check out this url...

Hell, that's just too way too short and convenient, they should include their corporate motto too.

Their website is a uh, shall we say a little confusing (You know wine and cigar aficionados can tell from the flavor of their respective treats just when and where they were created? I can do the same with programming; Shell's website came from India, Bangalore region, '07 or '08, after the monsoons)

So for my secret password I decided to use shellsucks and keyed it into the field...

"That password is already in use, how about "shellsucks89"

Wow, 88 people before me had the same thought. Is that all? (and why force uniqueness with a password? User name yes, but password??? WTF- Baaaaad programming!)


Early warning signs

Long time readers may remember I posted last winter that my girlfriend bought me a really nice black leather jacket and black leather driving gloves for Christmas.

It was cold enough this morning I wore it for the first time this year. You see she broke up with me a few months ago and so wearing her present this morning made me a little wistful.

As I thought about it though that present should have been my first warning our relationship was not going to last... I am just a nerdyredneck and she was trying to make me "cool" with black leather jacket and black leather gloves. Apparently I did not get cool enough fast enough! lol


tammy said...

I never saw Rocky Horror so that episode of Glee was pretty much lost on me.

I'm laughing at the password. When I was signing up for an ebay account, every user name I tried was taken. Finally out of frustration I typed "therearenoidsleft". Finally, one that worked!

I keep trying to make Luvpilot cool. He is stuck wearing the same Levi's jeans he's worn for years. I may just have to tell him they've been discontinued.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@Tammy- HA, luvpilot flies a jet, has a 400+ horsepower Camaro and is married to a hottie. He would be cool even in overalls and a straw hat with a wheat stalk dangling out of the corner of his mouth. I mean c'mon! :)

I mean Luvpilot is who I want to be when I grow up!

ITdork said...

Gleetard - people who watch and enjoy Glee.