Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dig dig DIG!

Well, apparently that last post musta sucked pretty hard. When my only true faithful reader/commenter Tammy does not leave a comment I KNOW that one sucked!

Still, for me the hole being too deep was never a good reason to stop digging!

So I will just continue to make fun of animal rights "activists". So there! Thppppp!

I mean I seriously, I hate the bastards, they made me late for work! I try to get out of the bathtub and here they come just barging into my bathroom and they pushed push me back into the tub! WTF?

Then they start sponging me down, So now I am thinking, hey, I like where this is going, I mean the gals are on the hairy side but still reasonably cute. But then they start trying to shove raw fish into my mouth and only then do I realize this is not some kind of fetish rape fantasy thing! THEN I got PISSED and started yelling and fighting back! The slighty hairy girls just wrapped thier arms around me and cooed in my ear, "It's ok, it's ok! We will keep you safe, now eat to keep up your strength!

Bastards! Besides, that sushi was just AWFUL!

On slightly more serious note My "great cousin" (my great aunts daughter) was a school teacher. Being a girly girl in spite of being raised on the same farm I was (just a generation earlier) she had always wanted a mink coat. It was a lifetime goal. Being a school teacher she had to save and scrimp and sacrifice for many years to came up with the money to buy a full length mink coat. I mean it cost more than a new car! She thought it would last the rest of her life though and it was incredibly warm.

You guessed it. Some PETA assholes threw blood on her and ruined 10 years worth of sacrifice. (and back then it was not dye, it was real animal blood, ironic huh?)

Have you ever noticed how brave these big bad PETA protesters are? They pick on older ladies all the time.

Hey jerks, are you really committed to the cause? Prove it, go to a biker bar and throw blood (faux or otherwise) on some bikers leathers. Then, THEN I will have at least a little respect for you.

Until then you are just some parents failure; Spoilt little children with nothing better to do with your time than to accost old women.

(Does this count as a rant? I was not shooting for one but I think I just drifted into it? Eh, close enough so...) Thus concludes Rob's bizarre rant of the day.


Chandan said...

Ok I hate human rights activist more than the animal rights ones. In late 1990s the Police could not bear the mafia dons of Underworld Mumbai looting real estate agents and create violence. So they ordered the mission clean up n started encountering (shooting) the goons then and there without court or cases. Here come the Human Right Activists objecting the Police, yelling that its totally inhuman. What about the innocent people who suffered from these goons !!!!!!

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Wow, well as long as they wer enot sponging them down before they shot them... :)

tammy said...

I didn't comment on the last post? I did in my head. That happens quite often.

Keep on making fun of animal rights activists. How is it okay to through blood on anyone?

I just saw a funny email that I need to fwd to you.

Erika said...

We had a sign in our rat lab that said "Thanks to animal research, these protesters will be able to protest for an average of 26.8 years longer" - always made me smile (C;
(And yes... that WAS a rant - need you ask?)

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@tammy - In technical terms then that was a "logical comment" instead of a "physical comment" AR! (nerd humor!)

Two, you should post that newspaper thing you sent me. That is too awesome!

@Erika- I LOVE IT! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! When I worked at IBM in Saint Louis the loonies were always down the street at Monsanto's huge facility protesting! (screwing up already bad traffic to boot) I would have LOVED to make a placard with those words and just stood there!