Monday, January 25, 2010

Muscle Car?

Ok, the last few years I have been in that nebulous time frame known as “Mid-life crisis”.

I mean I did my job, I raised my kid, my bills are paid, so dang it, I have been trying to have fun, the kind of fun I could not afford to have when I was young but can now.

This post is a little late because this actually happened last summer but writing about it later is better than never, no?

So last summer I had a mild case of “Mustang Fever”. You know, those new Mustangs that look like Old Mustangs? Yeah, Grog like! I went and drove one. The darn thing is all show and no go. It would not even squeal the tires. :( C’mon man! You can’t have a muscle car with no muscle! I mean my little Hybrid will lay rubber if you floor it, and here you have this Steve McQueen-mobile and nothing?

C’mon guys, if you can’t put a real muscle car engine in it at least, AT LEAST, put a megaphone in the rear fender well and then when I tromp on the gas pedal have the computer make manly noises through the megaphone!

I mean throw me a freaking bone here would ya?


Andie said...

you need to get either a Saleen or a Shelby or a Cobra. those are the mustangs with the nice body AND engine. LOL

You can buy one with a fast motor you just need to spend the big bucks to get one! they make the pretty ones with no power for the people who are after looks and not power.

tammy said...

Have I told you about my Camaro?? I beat just about everything around. And it sounds really cool too. Forget the Mustangs. A 2010 Camaro, 2 SS, is what you need.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Heh heh. There is something simply wonderful about two beautiful women giving advice on hot cars! :) You two ought to shoot for a TV show on Spike or Speed TV. I betcha it would get great ratings! :)