Monday, January 25, 2010

One last note

An update to last Fridays post then I will ignore politics here again as I mostly always have…

Regardless about how you feel about nationalized healthcare, you should be *glad* this particular legislation went down. If you want nationalized healthcare this was not a good plan at all. Here is how you know…

The next business day after it passed the senate my broker called me up and told me to BUY insurance and Pharma stocks, this bill was going to channel a trillion dollars into the PRIVATE healthcare business. It was not just my broker; most of those stocks did go up markedly in Jan. Now if it is good for Big insurance and big pharma it is NOT good for you (most "real" people who supported this mess wanted those very entities punished, quite the opposite was going to be the effect.)

Since the election and this plans death last week insurance and pharma stocks have been dumped and have gone way down. So again, the market sees this bill’s death as BAD for big insurance/pharma.

If it’s bad for them it’s very likely it good for you.

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tammy said...

Wow. Proof right there.