Monday, January 11, 2010

Grow Up?

It seems to be a trend on TV lately to tell people to “Grow up”… “You are 30 now, you can’t dress like that or act like that or date someone like that", etc.

It’s starting to get on my nerves now. Can someone please explain to me just what the hell is so great about being “grown up”?

I mean if you go to work, pay your bills and help others when you can then what else is there to being “grown up”? According to TV it means being boring, dressing like a nun and dating boring people or better yet setting at home on Saturday night watching Home and Garden TV.

So I repeat, who wants to be a grown up? I sure as hell don’t.

So to all you people out there telling other people to “grow up” I only have one thing to say to you… Nana nana boo boo go stick your head in doo doo!


jinksto said...

I usually reply with something witty like, "You First!!!"

tammy said...

I've actually started growing down.

Anonymous said...

I agree! Play at the beach! Swing from a rope! When I experience things in a child-like way, it fills me with such joy! Are grown-ups supposed to be joyless and jaded and never just enjoy themselves???

Maria in Oregon