Monday, January 25, 2010

Reality my glowing red ass...

Ugh, reality shows. The very name is a lie.

Anytime you have a 6 person camera crew in the room I don't care what you say or do it WILL be different from what you would have said or done if they had not been there. So right there in my mind Reality TV is an oxymoron UNLESS it's stuff that just happened to get caught on hidden cameras (like some crime shows you see)

Then to add fuel to the fire there is no doubt in *my* mind that someone off camera is deliberately egging things on to make "good drama" for the show. (Ok say she stole your boy friend now!, Ok now you say No I didn't! Ok, now slap, c'mon SLAP her!)

So with that said, I was channel surfing yesterday and I hit "The housewives of "something". (Orange County? Yew York? Beats me and I don't care)

So they have this whiny teenager on the screen complaining about she has always been spoiled rotten and now her parents want her to behave better. First off, like *any* kid will ever admit or even realize, they have always been spoiled. Yeah, right.

But here is the part that KILLED me. She was whining to another woman who was identified with the little text under her image as uh, made up name here, "Linda Walsh- Youthologist".

YOUTHOLOGIST? She is a YOUTHOLOGIST? Oh ROFL! That kills me! just what in the hell is a freaking "YOUTHOLOGIST". Oh man, in this age of made up pseudo-scientific bullshit this one has to take the cake! This is right up there with pet massage!

Now I googled this and guess what, there is all kinds of crap on the web about how you too can become a "youthologist" Guess what though, there is no such thing as a degree in Youthology or even a Youthologist permit, licence or rating so it is totally made up BULLSHIT for rich people to waste thier money on and feel good about it.

Like many pet psychics I'll bet that some of these Youthologists actually believe they have some merit but I will stick with the cynical view that this is yet another pile of made up bull shit in a world littered with piles of made up bull shit.

So watch where you step folks! :)


tammy said...

I'm thinking you were watching my BFFs. I hate reality shows, but I am addicted to HW of OC and NJ. Love the drama, even if some of it is imposed by the crew/producers. I watch it instead of soaps. My little guilty pleasure. There are a few wives that I feel like I could get along with in real life, but really I usually just end up shaking my head at all of them. And the episode you were talking about? I just want to smack that mom and the daughter.

jinksto said...

Talked to my pet psychologist about this. She thinks that the negative energy that you are generating is causing my aura to go pink and stressing the poodle. Don't get me wrong, I love reading your stuff but chi chi's mental health is more important to me right now! I think I'll take him shopping to make it up. Remember breathe in pink, breathe out blue. Peace and comfort to you.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Tammy- I guess we all have our vices eh? :)

Jinksto- Well yours is not the first aura I corrupted and hopefully it won’t be the last! :) Oh and while your shopping don’t forget to get chi chi a massage!