Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Have you heard?

Have you seen or heard these commercials for the drug Boniva? (Bone-ee-va) It's a drug for osteoporosis. Sally Field has been pitching on TV and Radio lately.

Those ads crack me up!

So, what did the brainstorming session sound like…
"Uh lets see this is for your bones so…"
"Too simple"
"Sounds like steroids"
"Uhhhh, Bone-r-ific"
"Too sexual"
"Perfect! Print the invoice! 300 hours of market research. Lets go home."

Remember- Bone-iva, its for your Bone-itis!


Shila Shila and Cult Jam said...


Just like "Viva Viagra!!!"

Sauntering Soul said...

I've thought about doing a post about how much I hate these Sally Fields ads. She makes it sound like her friends have it so rough because they have to swallow a pill every. single. week. Yeah, that's probably super tough.

jinksto said...

I've never noticed until you posted this but at the end where she says, "I've got one body and one life so I'm glad that this 'one pill' is making my..." As soon as she says, 'this one pill' there's a subtitle that says, "includes diet, exercise, Calcium and VitaminD"... the pill includes all of that? Or maybe, if you do all of that it doesn't matter which pill you take?

House of Jules said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure they couldn't use the name "Bone-r-iffic" because Viagra had a branding hold on it.
House of Jules

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Shila- Welcome and that brings up a question? Is Sally Fields as representative of snapping bones as Elvis is of "Viva anything?"

Sauntering- OH! You swallow it? From all the hub bub I thought it was a suppository!

Jinksto- I think you are on to something! Jus like Cocoa Puffs are part of a complete breakfast, as long as you have toast, juice, bacon and eggs too!

HOJ- I know you are dead on the about that one. I can see the ad now- after Elvis' "Viva Viagra" bit you hear a Tony the Tiger voiceover going "Its BooooOOOOOOOnerific!"