Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Brick Lady

This post started as a comment to this post

Does everyone know what doorbell ditching is?

It's when you ring the doorbell and RUN!

When we were from about 10 up to maybe 13 years old this was me and my best friend Mike's favorite form of free entertainment.

Of course we also considered it a form of social justice. We did not do it to anyone nice, just the perpetually angry people who were always yelling at you to get off their lawn or get out of that tree or turn down that damn hippie music or what not. (so Minxy just what have you been doing to those kids? ;) )

So there was one grumpy old one lady we *loved* to ditch. She was right on our normal route so we would get her darned near daily!

Oh boy did she teach us a lesson though! The conniving old bat was pretty sharp too!

She let her grass grow a little long. Not so long as you would risk neighbors complaining but well over ankle tall. Then she scattered clay bricks through out her front yard. In the dark the tallish grass concealed them nicely.

So ring the door bell and start running! About three strides in you stub your toes on a brick and you go down wondering "What the hell did I hit?" You know you need to be gone though and now you are behind the curve so you get up and run even faster with throbbing toes, go about six strides and step half on a brick half off and down you go again! Again you are quite confused, you have ran over this smooth lawn many times- "what am I hitting?" you wonder but you are panicked because you know you should be long gone by now not laying in her yard! So you get up, run a little more then down you go again.

By then she was on her front porch howling with laughter while choking out, "That'll teach you little bastards! AH HA HA HA HA!"

Grudging respect was earned. To this very day we still refer to her as "The Brick Lady" and we never ditched her again!


Crazymamaof6 said...

she was a quick thinker! hilarious!

Melissa said...

Smart!! We called it ding dong ditch out here...and I have to say I've never done it.

Now toilet papering, that's a whole 'nother story...

Shila Shila and Cult Jam said...

The Minxy lives in my neighborhood.

I think the kiddos have a crush on her and are trying to get her to pay attention (even negative attention) to them.

(By the way, I'm gonna run over them one day, you know. They're always loitering in the street. I h*te them.)

Callsign Echo said...


I have a friend whom we refer to as the Security Deposit Police. "Don't slam that door, stop spilling your beer, untie the cat from the ceiling fan," blah blah blah...

He is already devious and grumpy enough to be the Brick Lady's male counterpart. As soon as he's old enough I'm sure he will be That Mean Old Man Who Lives Down The Street.

Stacey said...

Classic. My other personal favorite? The Old Order A Pizza And Have It Sent To Someone You Don't Like, Then Crouch Behind A Bush To Watch The Excitement Trick. Aaaahhh, BCID (Before-Caller-ID), Good Times.

tammy said...

LOL - hilarious! I miss all that - doorbell ditching, prank calling, toilet papering. Sucks to be a grown up sometimes.

Tanya said...

I like her. She was one smart lady!