Monday, July 7, 2008

Thank God it's Monday!

I am not sure how much more rest and recreation I can take!

This weekend I installed a new stereo on the boat then I got some heavier than normal yard work done. Then I partied it up at fireworks shows two nights in a row. Finally I got much closer to someone I have been seeing for a few weeks. So it was one hell of a long weekend! Weeeeee!

Right now I am so stiff and sore I can hardly walk and if I drop any money its gone, it's not worth the pain to pick it up again! :) I am so totally exhausted that it feels good to be back at "work" in the air conditioned great indoors sitting on my hienie with nothing harder to do than type and hit send on e-mails!

Man what a weekend! I slept 2 hours Sunday afternoon then slept 10 hours Sunday night into Monday and I am still tired.

How can I be so happy when I hurt so bad? :)


Crazymamaof6 said...

sounds like that boat is paying off?
it is nice to get back to work after that kind of fun! i don't generally bend over to pick up money anyway. if i have kids with me it's part of their job description:"pick up anything mom drops and doesn't want to pick up".
and otherwise it better be paper or silver money if I'm bending over.

Tanya said...

Don't you know you are supposed to relax on a holiday weekend?

michelle said...

your boat sounds great ... do people get sea sick on lakes and rivers?

i got a bit of the woozies the last time i was on a boat ... i was fine for 3/4 of the cruise, then i started to pay attention to the motion of the ocean (or the harbour in this case), and all was lost! ;)

speaking of motion of the ocean ... did rob get some action this weekend? lol! i am so nosey.

by the way ... if you, who lives in springfield, illinois, visited my blog at 3:00 this afternoon ... you were my 20,000 visitor! yay!!

House of Jules said...

What you're feeling is called, "Hurt So Good". Mellencamp wrote a song about it.
House of Jules

Melek said...

um, lets say you got 'much closer to someone' this weekend, then next paragraph you say "i'm so stiff and sore i can hardly walk...."


if i were the type to draw conclusions, i'd say you went to the gym and lifted too many weights.

NOT! :)

congrats on a 'fun' weekend.

tammy said...

LOL at Michelle's "motion on the ocean" cuz I was wondering the same thing. You know, enquiring minds gotta know the whole story.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

CrazyMomma- I have yet to make the first payment on the boat and I already consider it paid for! It’s already been worth every penny! Woot!

Tanya- I did know that and trust me, I usually am a firm follower of that rule but the 4th is my favorite holiday and it fell on a Friday for a change and the weather was perfect and well, I just got a little crazy!

Michelle- One date got woozy on a windy (therefore wavy) day when down in the cabin and she could not see the horizon. She was fine as long as she stayed up on top though. No one else has had a problem with it so far though.

I love to rock and roll on the waves. I have never had motion sickness on any kind of vehicle. In fact, I took a 7 day cruise once and it was the best sleep I ever had. The rocking would knock me out and I would sleep so deep it was unreal.

I was number 20,000! What’s my prize?

Jules- Ah! So that’s what that song is about huh?

Melek- I can’t get anything past you. ;) It was a great weekend! Funny, after a year of water aerobics it seems there are entire muscle groups not getting worked out. Now I can feel every single one of those neglected muscles with every movement.

Tammy- Wellll, I did NOT get a black eye so I still have some goals left for the future. ;)