Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Slow Learner.

So last night my buddy calls me and says, "Hey, are you taking the boat out tonight."
"Dude, I am too zonked, I am stiff and sore and tired. I just want to take it easy tonight but don't let me stop you, keys are in it, have fun"
Hesitantly he says, "Oh, ok I'll be over in a few."

When he gets there he says, "Sorry your tired man, I bought a tube and I was hoping we could ride it; can't do that with one person though."
"A tube? Well, why didn't you say so, let’s go!"
"I thought you were too sore"
"I said lets go!"

So what does dumb ass Rob do? I can barely walk and I refuse to bend over but I went tubing last night. I caught some air too. When you go over another boats wake it is just like a take off ramp and up you go! Catching air is FUN!

The landing is a bitch though. You would think a nice soft inner tube would be fine to land on but it’s not. It gets real hard when you drop a couple of feet onto it. Weird. Oh, yeah and note to self, when catching air and you unleash a rebel yell, make sure your tongue is back in your mouth before you land. Less blood that way. I have a firm policy about keeping blood on the inside.

For some reason I don’t feel any better today than I did yesterday but I’m still smiling.


Astrogirl426 said...

You might die tomorrow, but you'll die happy. I can't think of many better ways to go than on the water, catching air in an inner tube (well, maybe just one....).

Melissa said...

Sheesh, you haven't got the good sense God gave a goat, huh? :)

I'm glad you're still smiling. I started lifting weights this week, I'm so feeling you on the sore muscles...ouch!

Crazymamaof6 said...

hey sounds way fun! bummer on the tongue pain.

House of Jules said...

Oh man, this absolutely killed me. With laughter. Hurts so Good is your new life motto, baby!
House of Jules

tammy said...

I'm LOL because I've so been there. In fact, I will be there again soon and I can't wait! It's a good hurt, right?

Sauntering Soul said...

This is why I spent most of the long weekend on my couch. No blood loss at all.

Jen said...

I was tubing yesterday and LOVED every painful landing I took! So worth it!

Robin said...

You know I teach safety right?

So your buddy was driving, you were on the tube... Where was your spotter?!?!?!

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Astrogirl-Yeah, definitely one! :)

mellissa-Nope, at least not for very long. I have no idea how I have lived this long.

Oh and Melek is not buying the weights story at all! We have to work on something else! :)

CrazzyMomma-Thung pain? Wath thung pain?

Tammy- The jury is still out on how good it is!

Sauntering- Careful! Too much blood is bad for you! I *know* it’s true because I saw it on the news!

Jen- Did you catch air? Did you spill your drink? How is your rebel yell?

Robin- Safety? Spotter? Pfffft! See, I have this thing known as a penis. Safety and penises are natural enemies. It’s a terrible, terrible thing when they fight so I always try to avoid confrontations. I have no idea how I have lived this long.