Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hanging my head in shame here

Normally I am pretty proud of living in Dallas. It's a very high tech town and it has been for a long time. Many of the greatest technological advances of the last century occurred in the Dallas laboratories of Bell Labs and Texas Instruments. It is very fair to say that without the Nobel Prize winning research and development done in Dallas that you would not be reading this right now.

Plus Dallas area aviation firms have set the standard many times over.

Yet the following proves once again (as if it needed proving) that smart people simply can not get elected to government office. {sigh} Click the link- it is a short but sad story...

Dallas Morning News Blog - "Black Hole" racially offensive!

I have a manager whose office I always refer to as a black hole. Man I sure am glad she is white!

In the future I think I will use the term "African-American Quantum Singularity" just to make sure I stay on the PC side of things!

I wonder if the one moron knows that a "white hole" is a Quasar? I wonder if he knows that a Quasar is not just a defunct television brand?

So which is worse to have in a city office? A black hole sucking in all matter that goes beyond the event horizon OR a white hole spewing intense radiation out? Hmmmm, either way you are gonna be real dead. Compressed or irradiated- some choice eh?

No seriously, sorry, I really should be more racially sensitive. I really should. In fact, I am turning over a new leaf right now!

I demand to know RIGHT NOW why- WHY MUST we go coo coo for Cocoa Puffs? Hmmmmm? Have you ever thought about this?

WHY is it that the white cereal has a huge and powerful, barrel chested, deep voiced tiger proclaiming “It’s GRRRRRRRREAT!!!” but the black cereal has a screwed up, scrawny, neurotic little bird that goes clinically insane when it eats the black cereal?

Hmmm, what about that huh? HUH? WHY?! You just KNOW that is no accident!

Michelle, feel free to borrow this for your cereal based philosophy of doom!

(Hmmmm, I'll bet I can get a federal grant to study this entrenched societal racism expressed via children’s cereal!)


michelle said...

lol ... poor rob! cereal and political correctness will be the end of us all. ;)

House of Jules said...

Maybe we should all start referring to them as, "cocoa holes".
House of Jules

Tanya said...

Its a good thing i don't eat cereal.

Have you ever seen the "Black White House Market" store at the mall? I bet that Asian people really hate that place.

Kat said...

Your kidding right? Sadly you weren't and that whole sharade really went down. In a freaking court no less.

You'd have to be a freaking moron to be offended by something like that. Next time someone says that they like white chocolate I will say that I feel offended and demand an apology. After all brown chocolate is just called chocolate!

Melek said...

Would the guy have been less offended if he had been called 'ass hole' instead of 'black hole'?

With all the trends going to saying "African American" rather than "black" anyway, i think he shouldn't be offended....he would be within his right tho if someone had said his office is an "african-american hole"...then i could sympathize with his ire.

I vote that should shut his pie hole.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Michelle- But circling the drain can be fun ride- Right? :)

Jules- Oh! Brilliant as usual!

Tanya- Not eating the cereal does not free you from the cumulative guilt our racist cereal culture places on all of us!

Kat- Oh how I wish I was kidding. That is why I included the link. Very good point about the Chocolate! The next time someone says they are “in the pink” I will be offended on multiple levels!

Melek- I second you motion although I am sure pies everywhere are deeply offended!

OHmommy said...

Actually I think it would be a very interesting study... you do have a point.

Robin said...

So when I told my son not to get the black bananas, what I really meant was .........?!?!?

Who knew?

Anonymous said...

To avoid further offending anyone, perhaps we should rename black holes and white holes. We might call them something like "insane politician holes."


tammy said...


I'm so done with PC crap! Everyone needs to just put on their big girl panties and get over it.

Callsign Echo said...

"Black hole" offensive? No.

"Black hole" dirty? ...mayyybe...