Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Poor MS Thing!

At lunch today I pulled up behind a Mustang at a traffic light. It had a vanity plate- MSTHNG. At first glance I thought ah MSTHNG on a Mustang. Not too bad as far as vanity plates go.

Then I realized there is no "H" in "Mustang" so that can't be it!

Then I became really sad. I mean it is bad enough to be sick but to think of your self as a thing just becasue you are sick? That poor driver!

Just because you have Multiple Sclerosis does not make you a "THING"!

Jerry Lewis must be beside himself. I know I am.


Astrogirl426 said...

Unless of course the MS stands for:

Microsoft (in which case, the "Thing" part makes utter sense)

Mississippi (aren't you impressed I could spell that?)

Morgan Stanley (also makes sense, if it was a mustang)

Montserrat (also known as the Emerald Isle) - this is my vote.

Yes, I have too much time on my hands.

House of Jules said...

"You'll never DRIVE alone".
House of Jules

Charlene said...

LOL~~those plates always get me thing too~~

Anonymous said...

Isn't it sad how that poor person has such low self-esteem? You should organize a telethon.


tammy said...

Where's your urban slang Rob?


Slang word for thing. Also used to replace the proper word for any object.

"Hit that thang!"

"Give me that thang!"

"Where is that thang at?"

"You better find that thang soon."

tammy said...

Wow, and I actually beat Crazymama on commenting.

Kat said...

Maybe she's Ms Thang or she was Vietnamese Ms Thng? Vowels and consonants, vowels and consonants :)

Robin said...

I think it was Ms. Thing, you know the older, more mature, the my marital status is none of your business, Miss Thing!

tammy said...

Oh I like Ms. Thang even better!

Lakota said...

~groaning and covering eyes~
bad. that is just soooo bad.

Astrogirl426 said...

I went to school with a girl who was Miss Thing 1994. I think she went on to join the Peace Corp., last I heard she was in Borneo working on a fishing trawler. Sweet girl...

Nathan W said...

Maybe a hairlip just bought his first new car, you're so insensitive.

BTW found your blog from crazymama, and I likey...

Charlene said...

thanks for the compliments on my hnt~~i think you are the first to say my toes are cute

have a happy fourth


NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Astrogirl- I know I can’t spell Mississippi! (Thanks MS spel chker) My bizarre mind remembers that I used to know a dirty joke involving that word and I can’t remember it anymore. Damn! Something dies deep down inside a man when he can’t remember a dirty joke anymore.

Jules- I *know* that is funny but it is just missing me this morning.

Charleene- Plates do what with your thing? OOooo- this could get good!

Anne- I think that is a damn fine idea! You want to host it? Because personally I need every second of beauty sleep I can snag!

Tammy- Uhhhh, the only urban I know is Ax. When I was a TA in college and this girl in my class said she wanted to “ax me sumpdin”. I did not know what a sumpdim was or how it could be created with an ax but I was scared! I did not want to get axed!

Mus-Thang does make sense. It did not have spinners though??

Oh and have you seen CrazyMomma lately? I am starting to worry- maybe her hubby has chained her to the stove or something! I shudder at the thought! Right now she could be in her kitchen gnawing her leg off trying to escape and here you are bragging you beat her to the post! I hope you feel ashamed! ;)

Robin- How could a hand not attached to a body drive a Mustang?

Lakota- You are just now figuring that out about me? At least I got a groan out of you!

Astrogirl- What a shame, I know lots of redneck men who would TOTALLY scoop up and a marry a girl who could properly dress bait and gut fish!

NathanW- I think you hit it, on both counts!

Charlene- I always tell the truth!

Astrogirl426 said...

lol well then why have I led such a lonely life? Hell, I can catch 'em AND clean 'em, and cook 'em pretty damn good too. And I actually enjoy it (what?).

I guess guys in NYC are looking for different talents in their women. Which I guess is why I moved to the boonies :).

House of Jules said...

Jerry Lewis ALWAYS ends his MDA telethons by singing "You'll never walk alone". Of course, it didn't help that I momentarily confused MDA with MS while writing that first comment, but that's the explanation of "You'll never DRIVE alone". It would have been funnier if I didn't screw up those damn diseases. ;0
House of Jules