Sunday, March 9, 2008

Things that make you go, hmmmm.

I hear this ad on the radio a lot about how you to can start your Internet business. It goes on and on about how easy it run your own Internet business. Then at the end of the ad it gives a 1-800 phone number.

A business that specializes in helping people do business on the web does not give it's web address?

That cracks me up.


I was in Barnes and Nobles in the magazine section. A few thoughts there....

Have you ever paid attention to all the magazines they have in there? Who in the hell reads all those magazines? There were three magazines dedicated to tattoo's alone. Uh, I really don't think I want to know the person that reads "Giant Robot" magazine. What? Is that the magazine for Jonny Quest's arch-rivals? Is it a must-read for aspiring super-villians ?

I was looking for a aviation magazine. I found them all in the "Men's Interests" section. As many women pilots as there are these days that strikes me as more than a little sexist.

I found it oven odder though that "Vanity Fair" magazine was in the "Men's Interests" section. I know they publish some racey pictures of women celebs from time to time but I did not think that made it a men's magazine? Is this some sort of bizarre attempt at balance for assuming only men are interested in flying airplanes?

I am going to have to Google "Manga" and see just what it is. They had a whole section devoted to that. (Oh, "manga" is Japanese for "comics". However, in Japan "comics" are not just gor kids, they are made for all ages and interests (just like just like they do cartoons) Gotta love that Google!)



Crazymamaof6 said...

very interesting on the magazines. yeah vanity fair? hmm, maybe popular with homosexuals? so it makes it mens interest too?
i like the geek magazines. giant robots sound COOL. super villains and super geeks for sure.
Manga? looking for some Japanese cartoon porn? like some anime?kidding mostly.
and yeah. i find that no web address thing hilarious. i feel like if any serious business doesn't have a web address AND a phone number, they must not be legit. OR desiring any real business. since most of the population has computer access. right? it's a sign of the times man get with it. but they must have both since any moron can say they ahve a business on the internet. and a web address of some sort. hello! tons of bloggers conduction business.

Robin said...

The weirdest magazine I ever had a subscription to was "Modern Platics", until I started receiving a free subscription to a magazine that is only about SEPTIC TANKS! How did they pick me out for that one?

OHmommy said...

As a dentist, my husband gets some strange free magazines sent to the office. He likes to bring them home for laughs.

No web address? Hmmmmm... now that is funny.

Tanya said...

Yesterday I was waiting on a guy. He was reading a copy of a model plane magazine. I asked him if he flew them. He said "yes", then I asked if he knew my Father in Law. I figured he had to, because really, how many people do you think are into flying RC planes in any given area?

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...

SO - - how many racy women's pictures did you find while leafing through that Vanity Fair magazine - - hmmmm?????

(Don't try to tell me you didn't!)


Rob said...

CrazyMomma- maybe popular with homosexuals? Hey, way to think originally! I never even thought of that!

Robin- Septic tank magazine? Why does the thought of a man sitting on a toilet reading a magazine about where his deposit is going to go make me chuckle?

OhMommy- Examples, we need examples! J

Tanya- So did he know your FIL? (I would have assumed it too but I am sure there are several different RC clubs in the STL area)

Mz. Lizzy- None! However, I’ll have you know I was only looking for strictly scientific reasons! I was trying to ascertain if it really did belong in the Men’s section or not.

WomensDaily said...

I noticed that also last week while I was in Borders. They had four rows of magazines alone. Some of them were quite odd...