Monday, March 24, 2008

Oh, He's a Bleeder

Well I had a bizarre incident today. I cut myself shaving this morning. Right where the lower lip turns to skin. I mean I said a bad word but no biggie. I put a little scrap of toilet paper on it and no worries.

An hour later I am at work in the restroom and saw that bloody tissue on my lip and said oh yeah lets get that off. I reached up and peeled that tissue paper off my lip and HOLY CRAP! Blood starts streaming down my chin! I grabbed a paper towel and dabbed at it and it just keeps coming and coming!

Ok, toilet paper worked once, lets get some more. I walked past the urinals to the first stall and grabbed a piece of TP walked back to the mirror and stuck it on. It was instantly saturated and dripping. I also noticed that in that few steps to the stall and back I now had a sliver dollar sized blood spot on my shirt!


I finally left the TP on to act as a clotting membrane and held the paper towel there just to keep from messing up my shirt any more.

Man who would have thunk that a little shaving cut could bleed like that?

I am NOT taking that TP off again! I still have it on right now and it will stay there until it falls off!

So as usual this episode did a memory look up in my organic I-pod and pulled up a tune. Anyone remember Supertramp and the tune Dreamer?

For the rest of the day I was singing:

Such a silly little bleeder!
Put your hands to your mouth- oh no!

Here is the real thing if you don't remember...


SuperCoolMom said...

Oh yeah, I remember that song. It's kind of scary to see those old groups...does it seem like musicians are better looking since MTV made it mandatory to be beautiful on the radio?

Crazymamaof6 said...

wow.that is way before my time.bummer on the cut! that sucks.i'm sure the TP was attractive all day! HOT!

Melissa said...

LOL! I'm the same way! I'll have a blood test and be walking down the hall to leave and have blood running down my arm.

This wouldn't be a big problem if blood didn't make me feel like passing out...

Hope the tp falls off soon and doesn't require the loss of more blood.

Beth said...

LOL!!! I bet you still have that TP on there right now, don't cha?

Man! I heard a song by "Supertramp" today too! It wasn't the bleeder was like a really popular one they sang....I can't remember it for the life of me now...but how wierd that you mentioned Supertramp...which I am NOT, by the way! ;)

Where you been?

Kat said...

Awww Bugger, that blows. The hubby cut himself there too. We had to soak the TP to get it off again because he bled like a maniac.

kay said...

ah i love that song!! now i will be singing it all day long! and thinking of you gushing blood all over the bathroom and your shirt. poor thing. hope it finally stopped!!

and thanks for your sweet works on my blog. i'm doing much better now!

Tanya said...

Did no one look at you funny for having a TP goatee?

WomensDaily said...

LOL how long did you leave that toilet paper on after the gushing incident. I hope you put some Tide to go on that shirt!

Sauntering Soul said...

I have the 'frank and beans' scene from "There's Something About Mary" stuck in my head now thanks to your title.

Hope you stopped bleeding eventually.

Andie said...

you need one of those little sticks... you dampen it and put it on your cut, and it immediately stops the bleeding.

darnit! what is that thing called?

tammy said...

I'm not feeling a bit sorry for you. Nope, sorry, until you have an episiotomy, I have no sympathy.

But very funny that you had a song to go along with your accident.

Rob said...

Supercoolmom- Yes, MTV has ruined music by filtering out most of the ugly people.

CrazyMomma- Oh yeah! The big red splotch of blood soaked TP was totally hot!

Melissa- Blood makes you woozy huh? Good thing you were not around then!

Beth- It was on there until Lunch today! I knocked it off wiping my mouth after lunch! Stayed on through a shower and everything! I feel naked now without my “beauty scab”

Kat- Well, at least I am not alone as a bleeder! :)

Kay- Ha! I stuck a song in your head! Glad you feel better, welcome back!

Tanya- Ha, you made a rhyme! Oh yeah! My goatee and bloody shirt got plenty of attention until I went home at lunch and changed!

Womensdaily- About 28 hours!!!! I have been putting Shout Gel on the shirt about every 12 hours.

Sauntering- Its a good day! I got things stuck in two women’s heads today! But you got me too, “FRANK AND BEANS! FRANK AND BEANS!”

Andie- I have not heard of this! Super glue? :)

Tammy- Huh, you’ve been circumcised? Yeah that would hurt a lot! ;)

(I just googled it. OWWWWwwwww! I will limp for the rest of the day just thinking about it! :( )

Andie said...

it's a silver nitrate stick. you can usually find them at CVS or walgreens near the razors and stuff...

sometimes called a styptic stick or stypic pin. google it!

Andie said...