Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Have you saved any daylight today?

You know, I really hate these time changes. I have a hard time getting to sleep then I have a hard time waking up. Then, all day long my sense of time is distorted.

When the seasons change naturally you adapt with it and never really notice it. When they just change it all at once it really screws me up at a subconscious level for a while then as I get used to it they switch it back again!

It's like your big brother tormenting you as a child. "Ha looky little punk, 6:00 is now 5:00 Ha ha ha ha-ha! Oh, so now you are used to it huh? Fine, now 5:00 is 6:00 so there IN YOUR FACE!"

For some reason I have this overwhelming urge to yell, “MOM! He is touching me!”

You know, I really don’t care what time they want it to be, please, just pick a time and stick with it would you, I mean can you just make up your blinking mind?

Who else does this bother?


Crazymamaof6 said...

hilarious. yeah it would bug me! i have habits. just becuase they say it is a time doesn't make me feel like it's that time. AND this is yet another reason i love AZ. yeah no daylight savings time. heavenly day! i can see why they do it in states that is is dark at 4pm in the fall. BUT WTH?! I'd be blitching(blog bitching) too if they f-ed up my schedule.
hope you get used to that change soon.
my favorite reply to mom he's touching me? Keep hands and feet to yourself. which never made any sense to me before i had kids, NOW i know it would solve all the problems of the world.

Rob said...

Yeah, I was blitching! Now I am jealous, I forgot Arizona is too smart to do this silliness!

Jules said...

The time changes suck for a few days but I really, really love daylight savings time because when it's light until 9pm (in the summer, of course), I seem to get a lot more done. When it's dark at 4pm, I swear, I get home and can hardly make myself dinner. It's ridiculous. So, I think they should just keep us on this time schedule. I'm a fan!
(By the way, that, "Mom, he's touching me!" comment cracked me up!)
House of Jules

michelle said...

the thing that is bugging me the most ... for the past couple of weeks it was actually light out when i got up in the morning ... it was lovely. now it's dark. boo.

SuperCoolMom said...

Yes, I was going to brag about living in the only sane state too, but Crazymama beat me to it! Neener, neener, neener.

My older sister tormented me with, "You gonna cry Jane, You gonna cry?" and no matter how much I was not going to cry - I would bust EVERY time! She could do it to me today if she wanted - pavlovian reflex or something.

Anne said...

Great blog, you're very funny!
And thanks for posting the link to the nerd test - that was fun, although I was a bit disappointed to score only a 56. LOL.

I hate the time change thing too. Every once in a great while I meet someone who likes the idea. What's up with them?

Anne said...

...er, make that a 44 for the nerd test, I misread. Yikes! Am I losing brain cells? I'd better run, not walk to the nearest computer convention!

Kat said...

Muharhar..I could bitch about daylight saving time as well. What does amuse me the most though is the confused travellers at airports and trainstations. I just want to go there and watch them for shits and giggles LOL

OHmommy said...

Parts of MI are also too smart.

My basement clock was too smart too... we never changed it the 1st time around and it just caught up with us this weekend. That kinda of felt good.

I like Spring forward... the kids actually sleep in a little. :)

Melissa said...

This is the first year springing forward didn't bother me? I'm not sure what the heck that means. But let me mention that I enjoy falling back A LOT more! ;)

Mom! He's looking at me!!!

Tanya said...

It should be called daylight shifting time, because we're not really saving anything.

Also, if we're on this daylight shifting time for 8 months out of the year, why don't we just make it a permanent thing. I mean we're a superpower, we can totally decide that from now on 8:00 is really 9:00.

Sauntering Soul said...

I despise the time changing. I cannot stay awake this week. Of course that could have a lot to do with the fact that my job is quite boring.

I just don't appreciate that we lose an hour of our weekend. Why can't they change it on a Wednesday afternoon instead? I'll add that to my list of things to argue. I'm already trying to argue for 5 day weekends and 2 day workweeks but it's not going well.

WomensDaily said...

The whole thing screws me up.

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...

Hate the time change.

HATE it.

It's like working for the State - - they changed it not because the HAD to, but because they COULD, and there is not a damn thing you can do about it!

(You can tell I used to work for the State, can't you? Yes, the bitterness remains . . . )

Robin said...

I am just so happy that February is over they can do what ever they want with the time.

Bring on the sun!

Rob said...

Jules- I am all for staying on this schedule. It’s all good, just stop changing it!

Michelle- I hear that! After months of driving in the dark it was nice to see the sun in the morning. Now it’s gone again!

SuperCoolMom- Oh yeah, there was a point in my life when the “Are you going to cry” bit would work on me every time.

Anne- Thanks! Welcome! Keep practicing on that test, you too, with a little work and effort, can be a social outcast too! :)

Kat- In spite of your name and your blog's name I never recognized this streak of cruelty in you before! ;)

OhMommy- So your clock is right 8 months of the year? Not bad!

Melissa- Looking at me! Looking at me! Now I remember! That’s the one I used to do to annoy my sister! It put mom in the bizarre position of saying, “Oh for God’s sake stop looking at your sister!”

Tanya- Good point, shifting would be the proper word.

Sauntering- I hear ya, three days in and I still feel like hammered dog crap. My sleep is all screwed up

WomensDaily- Well, at least I am not alone!

Mz. Lizzy- I’m shocked! I thought EVERYONE loved working at state agencies! ;)

Robin- Well, can’t we have March without screwing up everyone’s circadian rhythms?