Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patties Yoga

In the spirit of the day let me share a bit of the international flavor with ya now.

Yoga is an ancient pursuit with many variations developing over the long years. Here is one version of Yoga as it is practiced in India:

And here is yoga as it is practiced after Saint Patrick’s Day! The lineage is clear no?


michelle said...

that is not st. patrick's day yoga ... they are drinking heinekin and carlsburg ... that's octoberfest yoga!

WomensDaily said...

Ahhh, a pic to show his family. :OP

Sauntering Soul said...

Ha ha! That's hysterical.

But that man's stomach in the first picture is freaking me out for some reason.

Andie said...

ha! that's funny.

Crazymamaof6 said...

hilarious! where did you find that gem? amazing stuff you find. seriously!

i could do without the YOGI in briefs though. EWWW.

Robin said...

Once again I find out that engineers are ahead of their time. We were doing "yoga" way before it became trendy.

Rob said...

Michelle- There is a slight variation in technique so it is hard to say for sure! ;)

WomensDaily- For extortion or bragging rights? :)

Sauntering - I hear ya, something is just not right there. {shiver}

Andy- Glad you enjoyed!

CrazyMomma- My airplane buddy Major Tom sent it to me so I have to give him the cred! AS to the briefs, if you remember the old SNL skit with Dan Akroyd and Steve Martin…”The chicks really dig our bulges” So I would have to say old Yogi there is a “wild and crazy guy”.

Robin- Of course! Around heavy machinery to boot! Ah I have fond memories of the days when drinking and driving was a hobby instead of a crime!

Melek said...

hahahah... i wonder if the tree knocked him out or just served as a pillow.