Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WTF Moments

Just few pictures from my collection- Things that make you say WTF!?

WTF #1

You have to think this guy is popular with the ladies right?

WTF #2

How come no one else is wearing a Halloween costume?

WTF #3

Isn't amazing how watching a good mom in action just warms your heart?

WTF #4

My only comment here is WTF!?

WTF #5

Do you know why there is a "Doctor" there in the middle of this group? Because he is going to treat their wounds after they get beat up in just a few minutes!

The next few are not really WTF's but they do make me giggle. I Hope you enjoy them too!

Truth in advertising....

Ok, guess what this is? Go ahead guess!

It's a Barbie-q!! Arrr arr arr! ( I crack me up!)

OK, now guess what this is... (click picture to enlarge so you can see it better)

Its a drag race! HA!

And for the closer... assuming this is not photo shopped I just adore the owner who had the cajones to put this up!


Kat said...

BBQ, heck people are sick. Pee & Poo...even worse. As a cat lover I almost died laughing at the last picture. Thanks for sharing these. Great laugh

tammy said...

I've seen some of them before, but they still make me laugh. Thanks for the chuckle.

OHmommy said...

WTF? No link to the pee and poo. My kids would LOVE that.

Stephanie said...

Is it weird that I think the pee and poo are cute?

Anonymous said...

OMG Vernon Koekamoer i the guy with the mullet and short pants

he's this guy from Vodacom