Monday, February 2, 2009

The Most Trusted Source on Television!

You will think I made this up since it is soooooo stupid but I swear it is the absolute truth!

I was watching a newscast recently and as they started the broadcast I was thinking this was a cool idea. They said, “Tonight in preparation for the digital changeover we are broadcasting digitally right now. So if you can see us right now you are ready for the digital change over. Call your friends and neighbors and tell them to watch us tonight so they too will know whether they are ready or not.“

Nice move to bump up viewership eh? But they continued, “However, if your screen has bars across it or you cannot see the picture then you are not ready for digital TV yet. If you cannot see our broadcast then call the 1-800 shown below.”

What? If you can’t see the screen then call the number on the screen!? C’mon, seriously, no one in the news room caught this? That is right up there with Les Nessman doing the news bulletin on his station that his station was off the air!

I swear, unlike Les Nessman on WKRP this story really happened though!


tammy said...!! Can't wait to share this one.

Kat said...

Hahaha..see this just confirms that too much tv mushes your brain. How hilarious.

Shila Shila and Cult Jam said...

I feel the same way whenever a commercial is trying to show me how much better quality HighDef is, by playing a sample of an HD broadcast... except, since I'm not watching in HD then I cannot tell any quality difference. And I'm assuming that the non-HD viewers (like me) are their target audience.


Callsign Echo said...

LOL That is almost as good as a story a meteorologist friend passed on to me about a local wx girl's broadcast.

Local Wx Bimbo: "The rain is very localized...if you are located where the rain is, you may be affected."
Met. Friend: "Dude. I am so taking her job."

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Tammy- Classic huh?

Kat- One more point in the growing pile of data huh?

Shila Shila- Yeah! How did I NOT blog on that? I have seen that and thought the same thing? What were they thinking?

Callsign- LOL! Yeah, I want that job too!