Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Now that is just F'd up!

Oh dear lord! The month of evil is surely upon us! Signs and portents people! When men shall walk upon the water the end is nigh!

Ice is something you make and put in your drink not a naturally occurring object! Something is very, very wrong here!

Hold me I'm scared!

(as always, click pic to see it full size)

Do you ever have those moments where you look back on on your life and wonder what in the hell went wrong?

I was going to be a famous fighter pilot THEN I was going to fly the space shuttle. (Before NASA screwed it all up that is) What the hell am I doing here living far enough north that people are freaking ICE FISHING basically in my back yard?! What is this- Canada?!

When oh when did my life go so horribly, horribly wrong? {sigh}


Erika said...

Dude! These are AMATEURS! They don't even have the little huts that the Canadians use (C: (now... I'm going to send you my parent's photos of kite skiing on lake Ontario... that's the REAL north!)

Kat said...

LOL. Canada is America's Hat. I read that on a tshirt somewhere. So it's supposed to keep America warm, isn't it? Appears these Canadians are not doing their job :)

No offense nice Canadians...

tammy said...

So when are you retiring to AZ?

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Erika- Clearly these Springfieldians are just more manly than Canadian's! They don't need the little huts due to their excessive testoserone! (of course, the hairy feet are a big drawback of having all that testosterone though!!) :)

Kat- If the Earth wears hats cocked to one side like fedoras in old movies then Canada could be the Earth's hat too! Since hats keep you warm- CANADA IS TO BLAME FOR GLOBAL WARMING!

Tammy- It was going to be in about 10-15 years but after the abuse my 401k's took this year it's looking liek 2050 or so!

michelle said...


the sync is off, but i think you'll appreciate it nonetheless!

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Michelle- That was awesome. Mockrie has been one of my favs for a long time now.