Monday, February 9, 2009

Canada is not so bad after all, eh?

See, and we all use to make fun of places in Canada, of course being naturally crude my favorite Canada place name is Dildo in Nova Scotia. Since I am a history buff I know that is not actually dirty but it still gets a chuckle from me but then there is HaHa Bay Newfoundland, how could that not be funny!?

Of course, Intercourse Pennsylvania USA is a classic but I think the motherland has them all beat!

Check out the rest of the article for many, many more bizarre British place names right here at The New York Times- "No Snikering"

How can you not love a country like this? No wonder I grew up adoring Monty Python so much!

On an unrelated note, even though my paternal ancestors were from England and my maternal ancestors were from France I am NOT a British-American or even French-American- I'm just a plain old American mutt.


michelle said...

dude. i must correct you. dildo is in newfoundland. i am in nova scotia and have never seen dildo ... oh, wait ... what?

Tanya said...

Thanks Rob.

That was pretty awesome!

tammy said...

I don't know which is funnier, your post or Michelle's comment. Leave it to you to find this stuff.

Erika said...

Don't forget Conception Bay! I knew several people from there... hmm... why might that be???

Deanna said...

Too funny!

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Michelle- I wish they had a best comment award! That would be a winner there! {Applause}

Tanya- Your welcome!

Tammy- Oh Michelle’s comment, definitely!

Erika- Doh! Conception Bay! That is the one I was trying to think of to go with Intercourse PA

Deanna- Thanks! Glad to see you again!