Monday, November 17, 2008

Style and Grace

Well Sunday in Springfield was fairly nice (by winter standards) mostly sunny and almost 50 degrees. It had been raining and gloomy all week so I was thrilled to see the sun.

So miracle of miracles I was hardly on my computer at all on Sunday! {gasp!} I did a little preventative maintenance on the truck and I went out to the marina and took care of my last winter storage task on my the boat. I have a big canvas cover for it that that snaps down all around the edges.

Remember this picture?

If you click the picture and make it full sized you can see the cover on it and all the snaps.

If you look close you can also see the little ledge that runs around the edge so you can walk aound the windshield to get up to the front top of the boat. Well I was working my way around the boat on that ledge pulling and snapping the cover down. The deck and ledge was still wet from all the rain this week and oh yeah, I slipped and fell right off the boat.

It's only like a 6 or 7 foot so it's not really a big drop but since I slipped in the first place it was not the most coordinated of falls! Fortunately my face broke my fall so everything was fine.

The funny part, at least to me, is that all summer long every single time I walked down that little ledge I always made sure I emptied my pockets first so I would not get my wallet or cell phone wet if I fell off and went into the water. Not once allllll summer long did I slip off that ledge. Now, NOW when there is hard ground versus soft water, NOW I fall off the fricken ledge!

Remember the movie "Toy Story"? One of my all time favorite movie quotes is, "This is not flying, this is falling- With style!" So, conversely, falling with the absolute lack of style must be flying- Right? If so I sure went flying Sunday! Weeeeeee!


Kat said...

Holy crap. Glad your face stopped your fall or whatever it was you were trying to say.

Why oh why does stuff like that always happen when there's no soft underground??? Well I am happy you're not seriously injured. A fall from a 7ft high ledge can be worse than a fall from 50ft. Nah that was probably a lie :)

Melissa said...

Oh man, I've had the face plant thing happen to me, too. Ouch! I hope your feeling a little better today!!

And Kat even 4 steps can feel like 150ft...;)

House of Jules said...

My jaw dropped and I was all concerned until I got to this line: "Fortunately my face broke my fall so everything was fine.", and then I laughed so hard I cried. Glad you didn't injure yourself, but hooo boy, you sure made my day. I needed that laugh!
House of Jules

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Kat- Saying you my English good not? Funniness goes about!

Melissa- Glad to know I am in good company! I did violate one redneck rule in NOT declaring, "Hey bubba watch THIS!" before hurting myself. :)

Jules- Funny, I usually don't make pretty women cry until right after we finish having awkward sex.

tammy said...

And was the first thing you did after you got up, was look around to see who may have saw you fall?

Ouch. That's gotta hurt. You probably were even sober too.