Friday, November 14, 2008

Did they think we would not notice?

Funny, I was at the store last night and I noticed that leftover Halloween candy is cheap, cheap, cheap!

At the same time they have the Christmas candy out and it's pretty pricey.

MMmmmm. Black and orange Hershey Kiss's for $1.97 or red and green kiss's for $5.

What a choice! What will I do?

If you ask me black and orange is quite Christmassy thank you very much! :)


Kat said...

That is annoying as hell. Same thing happened to me here. I wanted a decorative wreath for my table € 9.99 marked down from €29.99 from autumn/Halloween and a Christmasy looking one for also €29.99. So I bought the former, added some bling from last year's decoration and, cheap, cheap.

SuperCoolMom said...

Yep. No one at our house turns up their noses at the pumpkins that Santa leaves in their stockings.

Erika said...

Except that the white and red ones are candy cane and white chocolate -- and they're DAMN GOOD!!! $3... here we come (C:

tammy said...


I woulda done the same thing.

Melissa said...

All I want to know is does it taste different? If not, bring on the orange and black Christmas tree!

Nice to see you back posting!

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Kat- Loving that ingenuity!

Supercool- I love that! Pumpkins in the stockings! That rocks!

Erika- I stand corrected! I forgot about those! The candy cane kisses *are* freaking AWESOME! I think that when the Christmas candy goes on sale and the Valentines candy is ridiculously priced we need to stock up on the Christmas kisses- Preferably a one year supply! :)

Tammy- Me? Scrooge? Ow! :)

Melissa- Well, for the most part there is no difference but Erika did nail the point about the Christmas Kisses, they are different and spectacular!