Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Safety First!

Perhaps an ironic title after Sundays little adventure in boat diving but still…

I am still contracting for State agencies. This is my desk chair at a state facility. Notice anything here that might violate some basic safety rules let alone fire codes for any second world country?

Bear in mind that this is not a temporary desk thrown up for a couple of weeks or anything- this desk has been here for a long time and will be for long time after I leave.

Isn't it a good thing that the government is immune from government rules? :)

PS- don't you just LOVE that state office decor? Ahhhhh, grays, browns and blacks- homey, yet clinically suicidal.



House of Jules said...

This has nothing to do with your post but I wanted you to be the first to know that I had a dream about you last night. Something about you being disappointed in my recent NaBloPoMo efforts, that I was "phoning it in" (which, I actually have been the past 2 days). Have you become my conscience? OMG. Maybe I should lay off the evening crack?
House of Jules

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

{with a bad carry grant staccato} Julie! Julie! Julie! Crack? CRACK? You can't do crack in the evening! It keeps you awake all night! For proper dream free sleep one should stay with heroin!

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...

Ahh, yes - - state agency decor - - looks just like home . . . and I'm so glad I'm no longer there! :-)

Erika said...

Cut the orange wire... NO the WHITE one... oh... maybe the orange one... I DUNNO!!!

Kat said...

Safety first huh? Yeah that looks as though they want you to trip and fall and hit your head on the sharp edge of your desk and bleed to death on the lovely gray and brown carpet in a depressing government office. WTF? ..It's their concept of hell on earth :)

Callsign Echo said...

That's a lot like safety at my flight school. You must ALWAYS walk behind the aircraft, no matter how freaking far out of your way that is, confirm J-hooks are down before crawling under anything. BUT exposed wiring and asbestos in the circa 1970 flight building?...oh, that's ok. lol

Melissa said...

Boat diving...OMG...that is hysterical!

Be careful of that chair my fil got in a fight with one at work and has the MRI's and herniated discs to prove it...ouch!

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Mz. Liz- I wonder if they get steep discounts for this stuff? I mean seriously, who makes furniture *that* color?

Erika- lol! Lets call Jack Bauer and upload the 10 gig schematic to his cell phone in 3 seconds! He'll know what to do! :)

Kat- OMG- Deep thoughts! What if I am dead and I *am* in hell!? An eternity of boredom and bureaucracy while nested in "The Colors of Death" office collection from J.C. Bureaucracy! Yep that is hell! Worse yet I just *think* I am lucky that they keep signing new contracts! And it's all cold and grey outside too! EEEEP! I *am* in hell!

Wait a second! I just had a great summer living on a lake with three beautiful women as roommates and with a boat in the back yard! I *can't* be in hell but it was a scary thought there for a second!

Callsign Echo- Ah! Hand propping is ok as long as you don't wear asbestos gloves! Got it! :)

Mellissa- Thanks! You just inspired a post! :) Oh and no chair diving! Check!

Andie said...

so good to see you around here again! :)

suicidal indeed. LOL