Friday, February 15, 2008

Management Think II (OR AOL/Time Warner sucks)

Ok, long, long ago when angry and massive 286’s ruled the Earth I was on AOL. Prior to the internet AOL was actually pretty cool stuff and I had a young boy and AOL had gobs of age relevant content. As he aged AOL had very nice tunable parental controls I could inflict on him.

Anyway, I gave up on AOL long ago with the exception of Instant Messaging (IM) which was free so even though I was “off” AOL my account was still active since I used IM a lot. Then they tied a free e-mail account to IM and then I had a spam account! So anytime I would have to give an e-mail account to sign up for something I would use the AOL account.

Case in point, when I signed up with blogger I used my AOL account because I had no idea how much spam they were going to send me. (it turns out none)

I have Time Warner Cable internet at home so my “real” e-mail account is a Time Warner account. Now, Time Warner web-mail SUCKS nards! It is very basic, has a lousy editor and no spam filtering. Then it is SLOW. It is acceptably fast when I am at my house but from outside their “network” it is terribly slow. Since I live on the road it’s mostly real slow.

So, as I started actually reading my blogger mail on AOL I started to realize the free AOL web mail is actually a very good product. So a few months ago I started auto-forwarding my Time Warner mail to my AOL account. Hell AOL runs my Time Warner e-mail through a spam filter to boot! So I got to where I almost exclusively use my AOL account again.

So in short, the Time Warner e-mail that I pay for is terrible and the AOL e-mail that is free is pretty good stuff!

Until yesterday.

Most of you know that comments on your blog posts are e-mailed to you. Yesterday I thought I was getting no comments because I was getting no e-mails. Then I checked last night and I had a slew of comments! Then I got an e-mail from Google saying that AOL was blocking my emails from

So perhaps this e-mail I sent to the AOL post master this morning will sum up nicely:

You are blocking my e-mails from Please stop that.

I just finished a very long and frustrating call with someone who barely speaks English who repeatedly explained to me that *I* can not ask you not to block my e-mail; only the sender of the e-mail that was blocked can ask you not to block my e-mail.

I have to tell you that ranks pretty high on the “stupidest thing I have ever heard” scale. It's my mail and I have NO control over what mail I get? Who came up with that idea?

For example, if I get a newsletter from say Toyota every week and you decide to start blocking it does Toyota care enough to expend the effort to jump through all your hoops including dealing with call reps who can not speak the customer’s language so that I start getting my newsletter again. I don’t think so.

What ever made you decide to start blocking e-mails from large reputable firms anyway? What ever led you to the decision that the account owner should have ZERO input on what e-mails get blocked and what e-mails don't.

No wonder you continue to loose market share.

Then it occurred to me. Who Owns AOL? Time Warner does! DUH!

I recently got a G-mail account. I guess it’s time to start using it now. {Sigh}


Jules said...

I was wondering what was up and why I wasn't getting emails from Blogger. This happened a few months ago, too... and I figured Blogger must be working out the bugs. Looks like Comcast might be blocking Blogger emails, too. That is really irritating.
House of Jules

Tanya said...

I heart Gmail. Its free and its almost always problem free. Plus, you can get your e-mails printed and sent to you.

Tanya said...

OH I forgot to mention. I've gotten delivery failure e-mails after I comment on your blog. I'm assuming that is because of evil aol?

Crazymamaof6 said...

you know i ♥ google too. and you know that. the spam filters , the reader. the calendar, google docs. file sharing , seriously there is nothing i don't love about my google accounts. and if they happen to filter something you don't want filtered you can mark it NOT spam, and return it to your in box. not to mentions the archiving. and seriously love the chatting.
yep it is time you switched. but then again i told you that before.

Crazymamaof6 said...

oh an i got failure to deliver emails for 4 or 5 blog comment yesterday.and yet the comments were there. weird.

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...

I also got a failure to deliver e-mail back when I tried to respond to your comment, Rob. NOW I know why!

Time Warner/AOL sucks rocks. :-P

Anonymous said...

Yaaaaaaaaay G-mail! (you can picture the pompoms yourself on that one since I know you LOVE cheerleader so very much!)

Beth said...

I get those delivery failure thingies all. the. time. ??????!!!!!

this was funny tho, and I love your letter!!!

You live on the road?

OHmommy said...

I love gmail.

Now we can gmail chat. LOL. I am almost always signed off of chat... so distracting!

Kat said...

Nice rant. I have several email addresses to keep away spam. To date I haven't had any problems receiving emails from Blogger.

What they're doing borders on censorship and sucks balls.

SuperCoolMom said...

I've never warmed to AOL - they send too many stinkin' free disks (too hungry). However, I loooove, Love, LOVE my gmail. Since I went underground, I have about 5 different email accounts with everyone and their dog (except AOL), with different alias' to match. It's sure a pain to keep track of, but serves it's purpose.

Once you go gmail, you'll never go back!

Bianca Reagan said...

Stick with Gmail, dude.

In other news, you have a lot of ladies on your blog. Hmm.

WomensDaily said...

Gmail is so much better than any other email. I don't know what I would do without it.

Andie said...


wait until you try to cancel all ties with AOL. It's like breaking up with a psycho ex. LOL